(Finished!)(36 attending)[Partnered with Delta Virtual & ASVA] Americas Busiest: Volume 2: The Emerald City @ KSEA - 281800ZSEP19

Americas Busiest: Volume 2: The Emerald City

In this series we will explore the top ten busiest airports in the United States, starting with Charlotte and ending with Atlanta. All of these airports were ranked in the top 10 in passenger carry according to Wikipedia. Follow along and join as many events as you can, it is sure to be an amazing series. If you want to see the schedule of these events it will be listed below.

Seattle | KSEA | 2019-09-28T07:00:00Z

Las Vegas | KLAS | 2019-10-20T07:00:00Z

San Francisco | KSFO | 2019-11-24T08:00:00Z

New York | KJFK | 2019-12-29T08:00:00Z

Denver | KDEN | 2020-01-26T08:00:00Z

Dallas | KDFW | 2020-02-23T08:00:00Z

Chicago | KORD | 2020-03-22T07:00:00Z

Los Angeles | KLAX | 2020-04-26T07:00:00Z

Atlanta | KATL | 2020-05-24T07:00:00Z

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Event Information:



Pay attention to group chat for updates and information
Use Unicom at all times
Use Unicom respectfully
If IFATC is available be sure to follow all instructions
Spawn 15 minutes before the event starts
Have Fun!

Concourse A


Aer Lingus
Air Canada
Japan Airlines
Korean Air

Gate Airline Aircraft ICAO User
A1 Air Canada Q400 CYVR
A2 Delta B752 PHNL
A3 Delta B738 KATL @Alex_Kyte
A4 Korean Air B763 RKSI
A5 Delta A319 KIND
A6 United B738 KDEN
A7 United B739 KIAH
A8 United B739 KORD
A9 United B739 KIAD @UnitedGuy19
A10 United E170 KLAX
A11 Air Canada E175 CYYZ
A12 Aer Lingus A333 EIDW
A13 Japan 789 RJAA
A14 United B739 KSFO

Concourse B



Gate Airline Aircraft ICAO User
B1 Delta B739 KSLC @Gavin_I
B2 Delta B739 KBOS @Guxk
B3 Delta A319 KSAN @Delta319
B4 Delta E170 KGEG
B5 Delta A319 KPDX
B6 Spirit A320 KDFW
B7 Delta E170 KBOI
B8 Southwest B737 KDEN @den.aviation
B9 Delta E170 KPSC
B10 Southwest B737 KPHX
B11 Delta B739 KLAX @AryaTheLivingMeme
B12 Southwest B738 KMDW
B13 Southwest B737 KSJC
B14 Southwest B738 KOAK
B15 JetBlue A320 KJFK

Concourse C


Alaska Airlines

Gate Airline Aircraft ICAO User
C3 Alaska B739 KSLC
C9 Alaska B738 KJFK
C11 Alaska A320 KLAS
C15 Alaska B739 KSNA @JulianQ
C17 Alaska B739 KDFW
C18 Alaska B738 PAKT
C20 Alaska B738 KIAH
Q1 Alaska Q400 KMSO @Plnelovr
Q2 Alaska Q400 KGEG
Q3 Alaska Q400 CYYJ @Bren_McDonell
Q4 Alaska Q400 KPDX @ewong05
Q5 Alaska Q400 KBLI
Q6 Alaska Q400 KHLN
Q7 Alaska E175 KPDX
Q8 Alaska Q400 CYVR
Q9 Alaska E175 KSJC
Q10 Alaska E175 KRDM
Q12 Alaska E175 CYYC
Q13 Alaska Q400 KPDX
Q14 Alaska Q400 KEUG
Q15 Alaska Q400 KEAT @QFA_12
Q16 Alaska Q400 KHLN

Concourse D (2 gates left!)



Gate Airline Aircraft ICAO User
D1 Alaska B739 PANC @Ajith_Anand
D2 Alaska A320 KAUS @BadPlane
D3 Alaska A320 KAUS @Dylan_M
D4 Alaska A320 KAUS @Suhas
D5 Alaska A320 KLAX @Armani_B
D6 Alaska A320 KSAN @Alaska_Airlines
D7 Frontier A320 KDEN @Frontier7911
D8 American A321 KDFW
D9 American A321 KCLT @esant_15
D10 American A321 KPHL
D11 American B738 KORD @TheOtherMatthew

Concourse N



Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
N1 Alaska B739 KBOI
N2 Alaska B738 KBNA
N3 Alaska B738 KSBA
N4 Alaska B738 KSTL
N6 Alaska B738 CYVR
N7 Alaska B738 KSLC
N8 Alaska B739 KGEG
N9 Alaska B738 KSMF
N9A Alaska B739 KOAK
N10 Alaska B738 KPDX
N11 Sun Country B738 KMSP
N12A Alaska B739 PHKO
N12B Alasak B739 KLAX
N12C Alaska B738 KSJC
N12D Alaska B738 PANC
N12E Alaska B739 PAJN
N14 Alaska B738 PAFA
N15 Alaska B739 KEWR
N16 Alaska B739 KSNA @HarryH1

Concourse S


Eva Air
AIr France
Virgin Atlantic
British Airways

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
S1 Eva Air B773 RCTP @Boris_Huang
S2 Asiana B772 RKSI
S3 Delta B738 KLAS
S4 AeroMexico B737 MMMX
S5 Delta B739 KJFK
S6 Delta B738 KBOS @T.Malone
S7 Delta Embraer 170 KSNA
S8 Delta B763 EHAM @Adam_Goodman
S9 All Nippon Airlines B78X RJAA
S10 Air France B772 LFPG @Captain_JR
S11 Emirates B773 OMDB @TransportForLife
S12 Delta 763 RJBB
S13 Delta B763 LFPG @Adam_Norman
S14 Virgin Atlantic B789 EGLL @Dan2248
S15 Lufthansa B744 EDDF
S16 British Airways B744 EGLL @Matthew_Park


Stand Airline Aircraft Destination User
Cargo FX1 Fedex B772F KMEM
Cargo FX2 Fedex B772F KONT
Cargo FX3 Fedex MD11 KAUS @snoman
Cargo FX4 Fedex MD11 KMEM

General Aviation

Stand Aircraft Destination User

To request a gate please state your gate and route to avoid any confusion

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I have a gate request: may I have a Alaska a320 gate to KAUS?

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Sure thing, I will sign you up now!

This looks so cool I would like to attend plz
A9 United B739 KIAD

Thanks a lot, Gate A9 is yours

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Please can I take S8 to EHAM please?

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Delta 737-900 to PHKO please!

it is a 752 right now but i “booked” it on DL’s site and it showed a 737-900 on the day of this event

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Can I get S6 to BOS on the Delta 738 please?

@T.Malone S6 is yours
@Delta319 I’ll give you the 739
@Adam_Goodman S8 is yours


Awesome! Can’t wait!

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I didn’t want alaska. 🤦🏻

I specifically requested DL. please move me

My bad, I saw the 739 and chose it, I will move you

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Hi, can I have gate Q4 (KSEA-KPDX) please?

Q4 is yours, see you there!

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Can I have Gate D3, but to KAUS? ASVA022 is the callsign 😃

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D3 is yours!

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Can I have any gate to KAUS. Im coming @Suhas and @Dylan_M


I will give you D2, enjoy the event

Thanks @Plnelovr

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Can I take gate S16?