[Finished] (33 Attending 37 Gates left), {Departed!!! }, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271900ZDEC18]

Attention all pilots, FedEx Va is hosting a group flight to KEWR! Refer to the cargo gates located under the Commercial gates for more info!

Crossroads of America Flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: |KIND|
| — | — | — | — | — |

Date: |December 27th, 2018|
| — | — | — | — | — |

Time: |1800z (Time conversions down below)|
| — | — | — | — | — |

|PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR GATE BEFORE 1750z (At least 10 minutes before the event!)|
| — | — | — | — | — |

Credit: http://www.flyergroup.com/news/indy-airport-continues-six-year-winning-streak-as-best-airport/article_a0994d9b-296c-5f74-b1a7-f0755843073d.html

Here is some more information you can find on Wikipedia.

First, how about a little information about the title. “Crossroads of America” is the motto of the state of Indiana. Indianapolis is the capital of the state of Indiana. Indianapolis is known as the racing capital of the world, as we host the annual Indy 500. In this event, I tried to incorporate routes spanning all the way from the east coast, to the west coast, and everywhere in between to really demonstrate the “Crossroads”

Times: This event will take place at 1800z as seen in the title. I put together some
“Time conversions” down below. If you need help finding your time, please PM me.

December 27, 2018 7:00 PM

Eastern Time: 14:00////// London Time: 19:00

Central Time: 13:00///// France Time: 20:00

Mountain Time: 12:00///// Qatar Time: 21:00

Pacific Time: 11:00///// Sydney Time: 4:00 (Sorry, I know that’s a little early…)

Commercial Airline Gates:

There will be 8 commercial airline operators during this event.

  1. Delta Airlines (including GoJet, Republic, and Endeavor)

  2. United Airlines (including Mesa, Republic, and GoJet)

  3. American Airlines (including PSA and Envoy)

  4. Southwest Airlines

  5. Frontier Airlines

  6. Air Canada Express (by Air Georgian)

  7. Alaska Airlines

  8. Allegiant


Credit: http://www.airportterminalmaps.com/Indianapolis-IND-airport-terminal-map

Concourse A Gates (Frontier, Air Canada Express, Delta, and United)

| — | — | — | — | — |

Gate Destination Airline/ Plane ETE to destination User
A3 KDEN Frontier/ A320 2h 30m @united2
A4 CYYZ Air Georgian (Air Canada)/ CRJ-200 1h 50m
A5 LFPG Delta/ B767-300 8h 10m @victor2
A6 KDTW GoJet (Delta)/ CRJ-700 40m @Aviation-21
A7 KSEA Delta/ A319 5h
A8 KATL Delta/ B717-200 1h 30m @ClarenceTheAvgeek
A10 KJFK Endeavor (Delta)/ CRJ-900 1h 45m @How23c07
A11 KDTW Endeavor (Delta)/ CRJ-900 40m @Tucker_Ryan
A12 KMCO Endeavor (Delta)/ CRJ-900 1h 50m
A13 KATL Delta/ B717-200 1h 30m
A14 KLGA Endeavor (Delta)/ CRJ-900 2h @Dylan_M
A15 KMSP Delta/ B737-800 1h 40m @Corgi
A16 KBOS Republic (Delta)/ ERJ-170 1h 45m @PaulDiscala
A17 KSFO United/ B737-800 4h 40m @Mark_Eatman
A20 KBOS Republic (Delta)/ ERJ-170 1h 45m
A21 KIAD Mesa (United)/ CRJ-700 1h 30m
A22 KEWR United/ B757 2h
A23 KIAH Republic (United)/ E-170 2h 30m @Jack_H
A24 KDEN GoJet (United)/ CRJ-700 2h 40m @moss
A25 KORD United/ A320 1h



Credit:Indianapolis Airport IND Concourse B Map

Concourse B Gates (Allegiant, Alaska, American, and Southwest)

| — | — | — | — | — |

Gate Destination Airline/ Plane ETE to destination User
B3 KPIE Allegiant/ A320 2h
B4 KLAS Allegiant/ A320 4h @blueacidball
B5 KSEA Alaska/ B737-900 5h
B6 KDCA PSA (American)/ CRJ-700 1h 10m @baseball_inferno
B7 KORD Envoy (American)/ CRJ-700 1h
B8 KPHL American/ A320 1h 30m
B9 KDFW American/ B737-800 2h @JulianQ
B10 KPHX American/ A320 3h 30m @Tnel
B12 N/A N/A N/A N/A
B13 N/A N/A N/A N/A
B14 KORD American/ B737-800 1h @savavalentin86
B15 N/A N/A N/A N/A
B16 N/A N/A N/A N/A
B17 KDEN Southwest/ B737-700 2h 30m @Luke_Sta
B20 KLAS Southwest/ B737-700 3h 30m @devon_Mo_piedmont114
B21 KATL Southwest/ B737-700 1h 30m @Patrick_Gallagher
B22 KMDW Southwest/ B737-700 1h @JeromeJ
B23 KLAX Southwest/ B737-700 3h 30m @Plnelovr
B24 KOAK Southwest/ B737-700 4h 30m @Playr_Mar
B25 KMCO Southwest/ B737-700 1h 50m @GlobalFlyer1

Credit: Me as you can tell

*These next few lists are not new routes, they are just simply there to help you understand the lists above, or help you choose a route.


Flights to the East Coast of the United States

| — | — | — | — | — |

Gate City ETE to destination User
A7 New York (LaGuardia) 1h 45m
A8 Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) 1h 30m @ClarenceTheAvgeek
A10 New York (JFK) 1h 45m @How23c07
A12 Orlando (Orlando international) 1h 50m
A13 Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) 1h 30m
A14 New York (LaGuardia) 1h 45m @Dylan_M
A16 Boston (Logan) 1h 45m @PaulDiscala
A20 Boston (Logan) 1h 45m
A21 Washington D.C. (Dulles) 1h 30m
A22 Newark (Liberty international) 1h 45m
B3 St Petersburg [In Florida] 2h
B6 Washington D.C (Ronald Reagan) 1h 30m @baseball_inferno
B8 Philadelphia (Philadelphia international) 1h30m
B21 Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) 1h 30m @Patrick_Gallagher
B25 Orlando (Orlando International) 1h 50m @GlobalFlyer1
Flights to the Center of the United States

| — | — | — | — | — |

Gate City ETE to destination User
A3 Denver (Denver International) 2h 30m @united2
A6 Detroit (Metropolitan) 40m @Aviation-21
A11 Detroit (Metropolitan) 40m @Tucker_Ryan
A23 Houston (George Bush International) 2h 30m
A24 Denver (Denver International) 2h 40m @moss
A25 Chicago (O’hare International) 1h
B7 Chicago (O’hare International) 1h
B9 Dallas (Fort Worth) 2h @JulianQ
B14 Chicago (O’hare International) 1h @savavalentin86
B17 Denver (Denver International) 2h 30m @Luke_Sta
B22 Chicago (Midway) 1h @JeromeJ
Flights to the West Coast of the United States
Gate City ETE to destination User
A17 San Francisco (San Francisco International) 4h 40m @Mark_Eatman
B5 Seattle (Tacoma International) 5h
B20 Las Vegas (McCarran International) 4h @devon_Mo_piedmont114
B23 Las Angeles (LAX International) 3h 30m @Plnelovr
B24 Oakland 4h 30m @Playr_Mar
International flights out of Indianapolis
Gate City ETE to destination User
A4 Toronto (Pearson International) 1h 50m
A5 Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 8h 10m @Victor2

Flight times:

"Short Haul" (40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes)
Gate Destination ETE to Destination User
A6 KDTW 40m @Aviation-21
A11 KDTW 40m @Tucker_Ryan
A25 KORD 1h
B7 KORD 1h
B14 KORD 1h @savavalentin86
B22 KMCI 1h
A8 KATL 1h 30m @ClarenceTheAvgeek
A13 KATL 1h 30m
A21 KIAD 1h 30m
B8 KPHL 1h 30m
"Medium Haul"l (1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes)
Gate Destination ETE to Destination User
B6 KDCA 1h 30m @baseball_inferno
A15 KMSP 1h 40m @Corgi
A10 KJFK 1h 45m @How23c07
A14 KLGA 1h 45m @Dylan_M
A16 KBOS 1h 45m @PaulDiscala
A20 KBOS 1h 45m
A4 CYYZ 1h 50m
A12 KMCO 1h 50m
B25 KMCO 1h 50m @GlobalFlyer1
A7 KLGA 2h
A22 KEWR 2h
B3 KPIE 2h
B9 KDFW 2h @JulianQ
A3 KDEN 2h 30m @united2
A23 KIAH 2h 30m @Jack_H
B17 KDEN 2h 30m @Luke_Sta
"Long Haul" (2 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours)
Gate Destination ETE to destination User
A24 KDEN 2h 40m @moss
B10 KPHX 3h 30m @AviationGamin
A23 KLAX 3h 30m @Plnelovr
B20 KLAS 4h @devon_Mo_piedmont114
B4 KLAS 4h @blueacidball
B24 KOAK 4h 30m @Playr_Mar
A17 KSFO 4h 40m @Mark_Eatman
B5 KSEA 5h
"Ultra Long Haul" ( 5h+)

|Gate|Destination|ETE to Destination|User|
| — | — | — | — | — |
|A5|LFPG|8h 10m|@Victor2|

Cargo Gates:

(Credit: FedEx trumpets $1.5bn investment in Indianapolis hub - Air Cargo News)

As many of you might know, KIND is a major hub for FedEx.
We have 55 cargo aprons, most of which are operated by FedEx, but Cargolux has a stop over at KIND on their way to KLAX.


FedEx VA is hosting a group flight to KEWR. You DO NOT have to be a part of FedEx VA to attend.

Here’s how to sign up:

1: Choose an aircraft. We will only be using the MD-11F, DC-10F, and B777F in the FedEx Express livery.

2: Select a gate. There are limited B777F gates. Be sure to only choose a gate with your selected aircraft is listed.

3: You’re all set! Remember the date December 27th, and be sure to check out FedEx VA’s official thread HERE:
FedEx Express Virtual | Now Recruiting Pilots | VA updates!

I will not assign each individual cargo gate a specific plane or route. Instead, I will give a list of possible aircraft and routes you can fly, and let you choose.

List of Possible FedEx Routes:
Routes Recommended Aircraft
KIND-KMEM MD-11/ DC-10/ B767/ B757
KIND-KDTW MD-11/ DC-10/ B757
KIND-KEWR MD-11/ DC-10/ B757
KIND-KDEN B767/ B757
KIND-KPDX MD-11/ B767/ B757
KIND-KMSP B767/ B757

Please don’t hesitate to add more routes to this list as long as they are realistic!

Cargo Gates: (If needed I can add more)
Gate Aircraft///Airline Route User
Cargo 90
Cargo 78
Cargo 76
Cargo 74
Cargo 72
Cargo 70
Cargo 68
Cargo 66
Cargo 64
Cargo 62
Cargo 60
Cargo 58
Cargo 56
Cargo 54
Cargo 52
Cargo 50
Cargo 48 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @toxicmist
Cargo 46 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @cesarirureta
Cargo 44 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-
Cargo 42 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-
Cargo 40 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR
Cargo 38 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @Lucas_Brien
Cargo 36 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @Jack_Q
Cargo 34 MD-11/FedEx KIND-
Cargo 73 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-
Cargo 71 MD-11/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @KMEM
Cargo 69 DC-10/ FedEx KIND-KJFK @sirmarkiemark
Cargo 67 N/A
Cargo 65 B777/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @clocktapus
Cargo 63 N/A
Cargo 61 B777/ FedEx KIND-KEWR
Cargo 59 N/A
Cargo 57 B777/ FedEx KIND-LFPG @IconicUndead230
Cargo 55 N/A
Cargo 53 B777/ FedEx KIND-KEWR @JerseyAnt
Cargo 51 N/A
Cargo 49
Cargo 47
Cargo 45

If you are interested in this route, please request it below and you will receive a gate well before the event.

For the FedEx B757 and B767, you will have to use the “Generic” liveries as we do not currently have the FedEx livery on these planes.


*Gates with an N/A are gates I couldn’t use because they required the American ERJ livery’s or I couldn’t find a realistic route. If all the gates fill up, we can use the “Unmarked” livery.

*The Delta 717 is replacing the MD80, as we don’t have that aircraft in Infinite Flight.

*The ETE to destination is just an ESTIMATE. Your flight time could be more or less.

*Please just deal with the names I used on the flight times. They are just used so the times could be somewhat organized.

Things to note before you sign up:

  • Be sure you can attend, don’t just sign up for a gate because you like the flight. Do your best to check your calendars.

  • When you sign up, you only have to include the gate and your destination (for instance you could say, “I would like GATE 100 to Atlantas please!”)

  • If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible so there is more of an opportunity for others to take the gate.

  • As stated above, you must arrive at your gate no more than 10 minutes before the event. If you are not there with 5 minutes to go, I could potentially open up your gate for any other last minute user to join.

  • This event is again on EXPERT SERVER. This obviously means no trolling, as you will be ghosted.

  • I will post runway information a few days in advance before the event. I believe we will be using runways 23R, 23L, and 14, but that is subject to change depending on the winds.

  • Most importantly, have fun! Be sure to post your best screenshots once the event has ended so we can all look at them. (Especially those who decide not to show up 😋.)

If you plan to stream the event, please let me know in the post so I can put your name here!


Can i have gate A5 please ?

In will take B17 please. Southwest 737-700 to KDEN.

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@Victor2 Alright!
I figured that gate would be popular.

@Luke_Sta Good Choice!
You might have some company as there are other gates operating this route!


Ill join the fun at gate a15! Hopefully refresh for 737 will come out by then

That would be wonderful!
Can’t wait to see you there!

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Oh and also, the time conversions are not needed as it automatically tells you the time in your time zone here:

Just wanted to tell you so you don’t have to do the extra work :)


Wow! Some detail in this event. Very nice!

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This event has been in the making for a little over 2 months. I guess I had a lot of time on my hands 😁

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I am glad you enjoyed the format! I spend a long time working on it.

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I’ll take B23 to KLAX

You’re in! Can’t wait to see you there.

I’ll take B21 to KATL, on a Southwest 737.

You’re in!
Hopefully you can enjoy the new and improved 737 on your route (:


I’m really hoping for it to be realeased by the time of the event 🤞


I’ll take a POSSIBLE gate B6 to KDCA

Gate B20 please

@baseball_inferno and @Devon_Mo_piedmont114

I’ll put you both in!

@baseball_inferno I hope you can attend.

I might be on a four hour car ride or a 7 hour flight

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Yes sir, I would like to represent for SouthWest Virtual. May I please fly to my home airport of KOAK?
If so, may I please request ANY SouthWest Gate
Route: KIND-KOAK (Yes, it exists😉)
Ete: 4:45
Aircraft: B737
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you sir.