[Finished][32 Attending][With IFATC] [Sponsored by United Virtual!] End Of Summer Commercial Flyout @KIAH 312200ZAUG19

Welcome To My End Of Summer Flyout At KIAH

*My first Event


[spoiler]Redirect Notice

Server: Expert

Airport: KIAH


NOTAM: There’s some gates that don’t have the right aircraft due to the aircraft not being in IF so I put the closest aircraft to it

  • Spawn 30-15mins before Event
  • Act professional
  • I don’t not take any responsibility of any Ghost or Violations


Terminal A

A9 CYYZ Air Canada E175:
A10-CYYC Air Canada CRJ 900:
A11-CYUL Air Canada E175:
A12-KDEN Frontier A321: @Cheryl_Tunt
A14-KDTW Delta CRJ 900:
A15-KATL Delta 717: @Chris_Hoss
A17-KMSP Delta CRJ 900:
A18-KFLL Spirit A321:
A19-KMCO Spirirt A321:
A24-CYYC WestJet B737-700:
A25-KORD American Airlines B737-800: @Everything_Matthew
A26-KDFW American Airlines B737-800: @T.Malone
A29-KMIA Americian Airlines B737-800: @TimR
A30-KCLT American Airlines A320:

Terminal B

B1-KCLT United B737-700:
B2-KGSP United CRJ 700:
B3-KJAX United CRJ 700: @United10
B4-KOKC United E170:
B5-KLIT United E170:
B6-KABQ United CRJ 700:
B7-KBHM United E170:
B8-KCVG United B737-900:
B9-KDFW United A319:
B10-KLFT United E170:
B11-KMEM United A319:
B12-KMFE United A320:
B13-KPNS United E170:
B14-KSTL United B737-700:
B15-KBTR United B737-700:
B16-KJAN United E170:
B17-KBRO United E170:
B18-KICT United E170:
B19-KMTJ United E170:
B20-KVPS United E170:
B21-KIAD United A320: @Blake_Stephens
B22-KSDF United CRJ 700:
B23-KBNA United E170:
B24-KHRL United E170:
B25-KLFT United E170:
B26-KLRD United E170:
B27-KSHV United E170:
B28-KXNA United E170:
B29-KCLE United B737-800:
B30-KCRP United E170:
B31-KSGF United CRJ 200:
B76-KCLL United E170:
B77-KDSM United E170:
B78-KSLC United A320:
B79-KLBB United E170:
B80-KTYS United E170:
B82-KMCI United B737-900:
B83-KTUL United CRJ 200:
B84-KHSV United CRJ 200:
B85-KIND United CRJ 200:
B86-KAEX United CRJ 700: @Jack_Q
B87-KATL United CRJ 700: @AussiePilot
B88-KSAT United B737-800: @snoman

Terminal C

C1-KSAN United A320:
C2-KIAD United B737-900:
C3-KLGA United A320: @Cooper
C4-KSLC United A320:
C5-KSJC United B739: @GlobalFlyer1
C6-KMIA United A319:
C8-KEWR United B767:
C9-KCVG United B737-900:
C1-KBWI United A320:
C11-KDCA United B737-800:
C12-KDFW United A319: @texasaviation
C14-KFLL United B737-900:
C15-KRDU United A320:
C16-KSFO United B772:
C17-KSNA United A320: @CAKnights09
C19-KLAS United A320: @Ajith_Anand
C20-KMCO United B739: @UnitedGuy19
C21-KSAT United A319:
C23-KORD United B767:
C24-KDEN United A320
C30-KBOS United B738:
C31-KMSY United B739:
C32-KORD United B739: @FrankieFremont
C33-KSFO United B739: @Mr-plane-guy1
C34-KLAX United B739: @Yankees2509
C37-KCLE United B737: @November-Kilo16
C40W-KLAX United B789: @Sunseeker58

Terminal D

D1-MMMX AeroMexico B737:
D2A-EDDF Lufthansa A388: @Reid
D3-MSLP United B739
D4-RCTP EVA B787-10:
D6-MPTO United B738: @Armani_B
D7-YSSY United B77W: @HarryH1
D9-LTFM Turkish Airlines B77W:
D10-MMGL Volaris A319:
D11-EGLL British Airways B772: @Adam_Goodman
D12-OMDB Emirates A388:
Hardstand 4A- OTHH Qatar Airways B788:
Hardstand 3A-ZBAA Air China B789:
Hardstand 2A-LFPG Air France B77W:
Hardstand 1A-EHAM KLM B772: @DimitriB

Terminal E

E1-CYYZ United A319:
E2- MZBZ United B737-800:
E3-MRLB United B738:
E4-MMUN United B739:
E5-CYVR United A319:
E6-SPJC United 767: @A350iscool
E7-CYYC United A319:
E8-CYEG United B738:
E9-MMMX United B739: @AarkonTV
E10- TTPP United B738: @Suhas
E11-SBGL United B767:
E12-MYNN United E170:
E13-MMLO United E170:
E15-MMQT United E170:
E17-SBGR United B767:
E18- EGLL United B772: @Eugene_Leybovich
E19-MLSP United B739:
E20W-YSSY United B789: @Jetcentric
E21-TJSJ United B739:
E22-SKBO United B737:

Central Cargo

Central Cargo 1: @BadPlane
Central Cargo2:
Central Cargo 3:

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About KIAH

                               Get your gate!!!!`

How did you get the gate info?

A-25 put my name done with the old American 738 special livery

It’d be helpful if you can fix your time so people can see in their time zones, thanks.

@KennedyTurner I looked at todays gates and the airlines at thoses terminals and there destations

Here’s a time converter: timebie.com

Was there a website?
And I’ll take C31 to my hometown

The airport website @KennedyTurner

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No I mean the official IF event thread format requires you to auto convert the time.

did you get my name down?

Yes I did @Everything_Matthew

put my special livery down too :)

I’ll take a gate with the United 739 to San Jose :)

@GlobalFlyer1 You got C5 Thanks for joining!!

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Gate A19 please Spirit to KMCO

Thanks for joining Armani suprised you didnt take to MPTO lol

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Oh there is a United gate to MPTO can I have that instead I didn’t see that 😯

OK I’ll change you!

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Thank you very much sorry about that