[FINISHED] 30MAY21 / 1400Z - VARIG Rio de Janeiro Arrivals @ SBGL

Welcome to the wonderful brazilian city!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Varig Rio de Janeiro! It will be a Flyin type event, coming from different places! With 94 years, Varig was one of the most outstanding airlines in Brazil!
In the 60s Varig Log was created, the cargo division of Varig, which was also one of the most important air cargo companies in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro-Galeao International Airport (IATA: GIG, ICAO: SBGL) It is the second largest airport in Brazil in international traffic. Also considering the movement of domestic passengers, it is the seventh largest airport in the country in movement. Currently, 26 airlines operate at Tom Jobim International Airport with routes connecting it to cities on the continents of Europe, Africa and North, Central and South America, in addition to domestic routes.


Event Type: Fly in

Server : Expert Server

Airport : Galeao-Antonio Carlos Jobim Intl (SBGL)

Time and Date : 2021-05-30T14:00:00Z

Feel free to choose routes that have already been chosen by other participants.

Varig Routes
Flight no. Airline Departure Flight Time Aircraft Pilot
RG 831 Varig Los Angeles (KLAX) 11:36 B772
RG 747 Varig Frankfurt (EDDF) 11:31 B772
RG 765 Varig Zurich (LSZH) 11:17 B772
RG 725 Varig Paris CDG (LFPG) 11:03 B772 @Vinicius_Monte
RG 791 Varig Joannesburg (FAOR) 10:09 B772
RG 787 Varig Maputo (FQMA) 10:24 B772
RG 725 Varig Paris-Orly (LFPO) 11:02 B772
RG 731 Varig Rome-Fiumicino (LIRF) 11:01 B772
RG 703 Varig Porto (LPPR) 09:39 B772
RG 715 Varig Madri (LEMD) 09:48 B772
RG 761 Varig London (EGLL) 11:05 B772 @Joao_Christ
RG 709 Varig Lisbon (LPPT) 09:16 B772
RG 871 Varig México City (MMMX) 09:04 B772
RG 855 Varig Denver (KDEN) 10:58 B772
RG 951 Varig Washington (KIAD) 08:53 B772 @Lucas_Botelho
RG 851 Varig Toronto (CYYZ) 09:37 B772
RG 811 Varig Miami (KMIA) 07:40 B772
RG 879 Varig Bogotá (SKBO) 05:30 B772
RG 845 Varig Lima (SPJC) 04:26 B772
RG 909 Varig Buenos Aires (SAEZ) 02:27 B772
RG 809 Varig Caracas (SVMI) 05:12 B772
RG 835 Varig Tokyo - Narita (RJAA) 20:33 (with stopovers) B772 @Wagner_Costa
RG — Varig Nagoya (RJNA) 21:20 (with stopovers) B772 @Renan

Flights with stopovers

(The flight from Nagoya (RJNA), has stopovers in Narita (RJAA) [RJNA - RJAA FT: 00:45], Los Angeles (KLAX) [RJAA - KLAX FT: 9:20], Guarulhos (SBGR) [KLAX - SBGR FT: 10:40] and finally Rio-Galeao (SBGL) [SBGR - SBGL FT: 00:34] Total: 21:20)

(The flight from Tokyo - Narita (RJAA), has stopovers in Los Angeles (KLAX) [RJAA - KLAX FT: 9:20], Guarulhos (SBGR) [KLAX - SBGR FT: 10:40] and finally Rio-Galeao (SBGL) [SBGR - SBGL FT: 00:34] Total: 20:30)

Flight no. Airline Departure Flight Time Aircraft Pilot
LC 9600 VARIG LOG Campinas (SBKP) 00:45 MD11F @corgi_doodle_YT
LC 9601 VARIG LOG Guarulhos (SBGR) 00:41 MD11F @Icengelbre
LC 9602 VARIG LOG Belém (SBBE) 03:03 MD11F
LC 9603 VARIG LOG Porto Alegre (SBPA) 01:33 MD11F @Fabio_Bachmann
LC 9604 VARIG LOG Manaus (SBEG) 03:23 MD11F
LC 9605 VARIG LOG Curitiba (SBCT) 01:02 MD11F
LC 9607 VARIG LOG Fortaleza (SBFZ) 02:54 MD11F
LC 9608 VARIG LOG Confins (SBCF) 00:44 MD11F
LC 9609 VARIG LOG São Luís (SBSL) 02:50 MD11F
LC 9610 VARIG LOG Recife (SBRF) 02:32 MD11F
LC 9611 VARIG LOG Salvador (SBSV) 01:41 MD11F
LC 9612 VARIG LOG Brasília (SBBR) 01:15 MD11F


Everyone must schedule their arrival in SBGL at 1400Z
We are NOT responsible for any reports or violations during the event.
Please respect all pilots, be professional.
If IFATC is present, follow all instructions, and if not, use UNICOM correctly.


ATC info
ATC name Frequency
@Claudio_Torres Ground
@Claudio_Torres Tower
@Claudio_Torres ATIS
@Neto_Campelo Approach
Estimated Center


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Nice event!

May I please have that flight? Thanks!

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Please, reserve to me

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please, book this route for me. thanks 😉
amazing event, great job 👏

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@corgi_doodle_YT @Wagner_Costa @Joao_Christ Thanks for participating and have a safe flight! 🙃


Please reserve this for me😃👍🏼

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@Lucas_Botelho Thanks for participating, have a safe flight! 🙃


It will be an incredible event. Come on guys you will like it.😃👍🏼


|RG 725|Varig|Paris CDG (LFPG)|11:03|B772

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Come on guys. Book your Route and participate with us. Will be cool🤩


can i take this one?

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I want to control approach SBGL


@Vinicius_Monte @Icengelbre Thanks for participating and have a safe flight! 🙃

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nicee! thanks for the ATC


It is really a pleasure to support this event, I hope more pilots will attend!

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Please put @Claudio_Torres om Tower/Ground/Atis


alright! Thankssss @Claudio_Torres for the ATC!!!

|LC9603|VarigLog |Porto Alegre (SBPA)|1:33|MD11F

please book this flight for me. Tks

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What’s up!

I would like to request a route. (Add route)

Nagoya (RJNA) - Narita (RJAA) - Los Angeles (KLAX) - Guarulhos (SBGR) - Galeão (SBGL). | Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER (VARIG).

If you can do that, I am very grateful!

Great event for everyone!


@Fabio_Bachmann Thanks for participating and have a safe flight! 🙃