[FINISHED] 30JAN21 / 1630Z - Vueling Virtual Presents: Our very first event @ GCLP

Thanks dude, can’t wait!!

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Route Suggestion

León, a city on the Bernesga River in northwest Spain, is the capital of the Province of León. It’s home to many churches and cathedrals noted for their architecture and art. Among them is the Gothic 13th-century Catedral de Léon, with its towers and flying buttresses. The Romanesque 10th-century Basílica de San Isidoro is known for its frescoes and royal tombs.


Please can I take

Stand T04 Marrakesh Vueling Airbus A320

Thank u :)


T04 is all yours! See you on the 30th!

Stand T01 Alicante Vueling Airbus A320
Please can I have this :)

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You’re signed up for Alicante, see you on the 30th!

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Thank you, see you on the 30th :)

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I’ll take this one!

Can I have this gate please? thanks!


You’re signed up for East Midlands, see you there!


You’re signed up for Madrid, did you know Iberia also used to fly this route with their A350! See you on the 30th!


can i get the vueling a320 to barcelona?


You’re signed up, see you on the 30th!

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this one please



You’re signed up, see you there!

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Hey guys! Awesome event! Can I take any available stand on a Jet2 757-200 to Manchester?

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Absolutely you are signed up see you on the 30th!

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I have to be there, can I get Stand P46 to Barcelona (my home city) please?


Yay thanks!

@VuelingVirtual What stand should I take?


You have Stand T14


Absolutely you’re signed up! See you on the 30th!