[Finished!] (3 GATES REMAINING!) || Vol. #4 || Canada Day Flyout! @ FOOL - 301630ZJUN19

Welcome to This Week’s Event!

First off, yes, I know this in not on Canada Day. Me and a lot of other people who live in Canada would like to spend time with their family and friends on Canada Day instead of flying. So this will be the day before Canada Day.

Here’s a little information about Léon-Mba International Airport:

In this Weeks event, We’ll be going to Léon-Mba International Airport. Since we started these events, we paired with @anon70772274 to go to every country in the world! For those wishing to join us at all of our events, be sure to fill out this forum below:


FOOL - FPST (copy my FPL once spawned)





Notam: if you’ll be flying to Canada, please use FPLtoIF to file your FPL.

Event Details:

Server: Expert

Airport: FOOL (fly-out)

Time: 1630Z (2019-06-30T16:30:00Z)

Aircraft/Livery: Egypt Air A330-300 or Air Canada 777-300ER


Use ATC/Unicom Professionally and respectfully
Follow the routes given
And most importantly:

Gates Attendee Aircraft
Terminal B1
Terminal B2
Terminal B4
Terminal B5 @anon45500775 Air France B787-10
Terminal B6 @Infinite_Flight_Sims Egypt Air A330-300

Brought to You by:

We Can’t Wait to See You There!

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Do You want me to do a Group Flight or Event next week?

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  • Group Flight

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I remember saying about how this airport should be an event…

Were you that guy?

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Will you be able to attend?

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I will see but I am desperately trying to find the comment you said

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Found it!!!

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I really want to fly to Paris…
But I guess CYYZ is fine…

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LFPG it is! You’ll be Terminal B5 in an Egypt Air A330-300!

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I know I’m asking too much could I change my Plane to a Air France 787-10? If not then I’ll change my route to the original plan.

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Thank you soo much

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Can’t wait for this event! XD

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