(Finished!) [29 attending!] Let's soar over the Rockies! | The Salt Lake City Flyout! @KSLC 161500ZNOV19

Switch to D11👍

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Thanks! See you then

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Just over 2 week until departure! Get your gates today!

One week until the event! Let’s make this event awesome!

Can I take gate C3 but can I change the destination to Glacier Park (GPI)?

@anon42527263 yes you can! I love Kalispell, flying out of there at the end of the month. Great destination, C3, your signed up! Have fun at the event!

Thanks! It’s an amazing airport, I’m flying there tonight actually! Two times in a week ;)

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Oh awesome! PM me some pics of your flight and also the terminal, I want to know what I should expect there.

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No Problem!

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Hey, Can I change my gate to B12 going to San Diego?

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@anon42527263 yep! B12!

Perfect! And is the event on the 16th or the 17th? It says both on the thread

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Oh wow good point. I’m going to go to the 16th, let’s hope that still works for all😬

Ok just checking. I just have to redo my flight planning for the week

No hold on, I’m going to make a quick poll and see which one works better.

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@majhz @den.aviation @JuanCrafter_Pro @Tyler_Cehelsky @anon42527263 @Luke_Sta @Thunderbolt @Kaleb_Jordan @TheDeltaFlyerr @Chris_from_Utah @Jetcentric @Speedyyy @Plnelovr @Sunseeker58 @Everything_Matthew @NathanD @KGJT-9149 @TRDubh @CptSwede @Fyefoot_m
For some reason I have put have a different day in the title than what I have put in the details. So considering this, which day would work better for y’all?

  • Saturday, November 16
  • Sunday, November 17

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ill take c12 to las vegas thanks!

Hi, would it possible to add a second KLM flight or would I be out of luck?

@riley_bertoia you’re both signed up! Enjoy the event!

@PocketRishi unfortunately no, but you can take a private GA aircraft to any destination if you’d like!