(Finished!) [29 attending!] Let's soar over the Rockies! | The Salt Lake City Flyout! @KSLC 161500ZNOV19

Get your gate while you can! The event is filling up fairly quickly

Sign up!

Plenty of gates available! Let’s get some more sign ups!

A little over a month until departure! Get your gates now!

Can I change to the United CRJ-700 to KDEN?

@Thunderbolt your switched!

Let’s get those gates filled! I’m very surprised no one has taken that gate to Heathrow!

Could I take gate E03 please

@NathanD your signed up! Thanks for coming!

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Thank you HLN is one of my favorite airports in Montana

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Montana is incredible, but I would go with MSO as my favorite airport here (not just because it’s my home airport). List from top to bottom of my favorite major airports in the state

  1. Missoula (MSO)
  2. Kalispell (HLN)
  3. Bozeman (BZN)
  4. Helena (HLN)
  5. Butte (BTM)
  6. Billings (BIL)
  7. Great falls (GTF)
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My favorite airports in Montana are


Let’s get to 20 sign ups! Get your gates soon!

Could I take UPS 03 - UPS A33F to ONT?

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@CptSwede thanks for being our first cargo flight! Your signed up, have fun at the event!

I am so thankful it is on saturday

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I would like to be flying a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 to Heathrow. I am unsure what gate that is so please may you recommend it.

@Fyefoot_m I will add in a GA section: your apron is KSLC UTAH ANG 01. Thanks for coming!

So KSLC UTAH ANG 01 is my gate. Just confirming

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Affirmative, KSLC UTAH ANG 01, DC-10, destination EGLL👍🏻