(Finished!) [29 attending!] Let's soar over the Rockies! | The Salt Lake City Flyout! @KSLC 161500ZNOV19

Welcome to my second flyout event! This time, we will go explore one of the greatly underrated airports in the U.S, Salt Lake City, Utah. SLC airport is a major hub for Delta airlines, servicing almost all domestic routes. If you live in a smaller city in the Rockies, most likely you have had a few connections here.
Alright! Lets get to the details.

Server: Expert

Time: 2019-11-16T15:00:00Z


Concourse A (American, Alaska, Frontier, JetBlue, Aeromexico)

Gate A01 - JetBlue A321 to JFK
Gate A02 - American 738 to DFW @EpicNYC04
Gate A03 - American 738 to PHX @Kuan_H
Gate A04 - American CRJ-700 to LAX
Gate A05 - Alaska 739 to SEA
Gate A06 - Alaska 739 to PDX
Gate A07 - Frontier A320 to DEN @den.aviation
Gate A08 - Aeromexico 737-700 to GDL

Concourse B (Southwest, Delta, United)

Gate B01 - Delta A319 to PSC
Gate B02 - Delta A319 to JAC
Gate B03 - Delta A321 to SMF
Gate B04 - Delta A321 to SAN
Gate B05 - Delta A321 to OAK
Gate B06 - Delta A321 to MCO
Gate B07 - Delta A321 to PHX @JuanCrafter_Pro
Gate B08 - Delta A321 to LAX @Tyler_Cehelsky
Gate B09 - Delta A321 to MSP
Gate B10 - Delta A321 to ATL
Gate B11 - Southwest 737-700 to LAX
Gate B12 - Southwest 737-700 to SAN @anon42527263
Gate B13 - Southwest 737-700 to OAK
Gate B14 - Southwest 737-700 to SJC @Kaleb_Jordan
Gate B15 - Southwest 737-700 to MDW @Scandanavian54super
Gate B16 - Southwest 737-700 to DEN @Luke_Sta
Gate B17 - United CRJ-700 to DEN @Thunderbolt
Gate B18 - United CRJ-700 to SFO @Thomas_Cunningham
Gate B19 - United E170 to ORD
Gate B20 - United E170 to IAH
Gate B21 - United 738 to EWR @Pingu
Gate B22 - United E170 to SFO @Jack_Q

Concourse C (Delta)

Gate C01 - Delta E170 to BZN
Gate C02 - Delta E170 to FAT
Gate C03 - Delta A319 to GPI @Nolan_Hastings
Gate C04 - Delta A319 to STL
Gate C05 - Delta 738 to MSY
Gate C06 - Delta 738 to CVG @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate C07 - Delta 738 to SAT
Gate C08 - Delta 739 to JFK
Gate C09 - Delta 739 to PDX
Gate C10 - Delta 739 to BOS @Chris_from_Utah
Gate C11 - Delta 739 to DTW
Gate C12 - Delta 739 to LAS @riley_bertoia
Gate C13 - Delta 739 to TPA

Concourse D (Delta, KLM)

Gate D01 - KLM 787-9 to EHAM @Jetcentric
Gate D02A - Delta 767-300 to EGLL @Speedyyy
Gate D03 - Delta E170 to GEG
Gate D04 - Delta E170 to DEN
Gate D05 - Delta Boeing 767-300 to HNL @Plnelovr
Gate D06N - Delta E170 to MSO
Gate D07 - Delta 757 to MSP
Gate D08 - Delta 757 to LAX @Sunseeker58
Gate D09 - Delta 757 to ATL @Everything_Matthew
Gate D10 - Delta 757 to DCA
Gate D11 - Delta 757 to JFK @Blue_Lantern Gate D12 - Delta A319 to MSO
Gate D13 - Delta A319 to SEA

Concourse E (Delta CRJ-200s)

Gate E01 - Delta CRJ-200 to FCA
Gate E02 - Delta CRJ-200 to BTM @PlaneCrazy
Gate E03 - Delta CRJ-200 to HLN @NathanD
Gate E04 - Delta CRJ-200 to GTF
Gate E05 - Delta CRJ-200 to BIL @TRDubh
Gate E05 - Delta CRJ-200 to PIH
Gate E06 - Delta CRJ-200 to IDA
Gate E07 - Delta CRJ-200 to TWF
Gate E08 - Delta CRJ-200 to GJT @KGJT-9149
Gate E09 - Delta CRJ-200 to CDC
Gate E10 - Delta CRJ-200 to SGU
Gate E11 - Delta CRJ-200 to EKO
Gate E12 - Delta CRJ-200 to CPR
Gate E13 - Delta CRJ-200 to RAP
Gate E14 - Delta CRJ-200 to LWS
Gate E15 - Delta CRJ-200 to COD
Gate E16 - Delta CRJ-200 to COS
Gate E17 - Delta CRJ-200 to PSP


FedEx 01 - FedEx MD-11F to MEM
FedEx 02 - FedEx DC-10F to OAK
FedEx 03 - FedEx C208 to TWF
FedEx 04 - FedEx C208 to PIH
UPS 01 - UPS MD11 to SDF @AryaTheLivingMeme
UPS 02 - UPS B752 to RFD
UPS 03 - UPS A33F to ONT @CptSwede


KSLC UTAH ANG 01: @Fyefoot_m EGLL- DC10
KSLC UTAH ANG 02: @Captain_Sid EGLL - VC-25
I will add more upon request for the apron.

If there is a aircraft/route that isn’t an option, I will gladly add it in as long as it’s realistic. I am making this event pretty flexible and easy going, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you have about the event

More details:

Airport charts

ATC will very likely not be present at the event, so please use unicom respectfully. Runways in use will be announced day of event. Please be respectful to other pilots.
Enjoy the event!

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To regulars, this is a wiki, so please feel free to add yourselves and other people in, but please follow the format.


I’ll take gate D05, great event!

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You know I’ve gotta do it to 'em. Btw your the first event to put GJT on a default list. Normally I have to request it.

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@Plnelovr and @KGJT-9149 you are both signed up! Have fun at the event!

B16 to you know where :)

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This gate to uh obviously the best city in the world


@Luke_Sta @den.aviation this is an incredibly beautiful route, I flown it a couple times IRL and it was so pretty! You go over so many mountains! Your both signed up!

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Still plenty of gates available!

Sign up!

This gate please

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@Lil_Qaz your signed up! Have fun at the event!

Can I have Gate A01 jetBlue A321 to JFK?

Yes you can @majhz! Your signed up!

Thank you!

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I’ll take B18 plz! The United CRJ7 to SFO
Always gonna take a route to my home of the Bay Area

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I’ll take E05 Please! And if you want, feel free to check out my event. I’m doing a flyout the weekend before from KASE!

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@Thomas_Cunningham and @TRDubh, you are both signed up! Have a great time at the event!

Thank you, @Jack_Q!

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I would like D09 please!

@Everything_Matthew your signed up! Enjoy the event