[FINISHED] 28NOV20 / 2030Z - Nugget's Flyout at Catalina (now rescheduled) @ KAVX

Nice, can i have that then please?

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Sure thing!

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Thank you!!!

this one please.

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Okay! Let me add you.

Today is November 11…

That´s the only thing that you have to take note.

I invite you to check the post that I linked above. Got it mate? :)

Today is November 16th…

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Okay then.

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Jajaja, thank you.

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Everything is well organized. You have to wait like a week or 2 to announce it :)

Should I take it down?

Okay. I’ll make it private for now. :)

Wait hold on, I don’t think you need to take it down @NuggetFornia, it’s a great thread. Maybe just move the event date back a week or something.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think moving the date and leaving it listed is ok

Well, I can move it further a month and host it near Thanksgiving. Yes.

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Moving it back just a week is fine, I think

Unfortunately, I’m busy with school for most of December.

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Problem solved :)

Thanks for your help! :)

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