[FINISHED] 28NOV20 / 2030Z - Nugget's Flyout at Catalina (now rescheduled) @ KAVX

Nugget’s Catalina Flyout

𝐴 𝐡𝑖𝑑 π‘œπ‘“ π»π‘–π‘ π‘‘π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘¦

In the midst of World War 2, a small island off the coast of California became a popular tourist site. The island of Catalina had to handle more tourists. In 1941, Buffalo Springs airport was built. Shortly thereafter, in 1942, the USAAF took control of the airport as a sub-base for March AFB. However, by 1946, the airport began commercial operations, and was renamed Catalina Airport. Unbelievably, through the 1950-1990s, many notable airlines operated between this island and the mainland USA. Most flights landed at notable destinations, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and San Diego, using STOL aircraft. United Airlines began their operations in the 1950s, using DC-3s on flights to Los Angeles via Long Beach. Golden West Airlines began flights on their DHC-6, along with seaplane flights out of Avalon harbor. TWA began flights in the late 1980s with flights to Los Angeles and Santa Ana. In the 2010s, major repairs were performed by Caltrans, costing several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The first plane to land after the repairs was a DC-3, formerly belonging to the island’s owner.


Time: 2030 Zulu, 2020-11-28T20:30:00Z
Server: Experts
Location: Catalina Airport (KAVX)
Date: November 28, 2020

πΊπ‘Žπ‘‘π‘’π‘ , 𝐼 π‘‘β„Žπ‘–π‘›π‘˜

Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Pilot
Tiedown 1 Los Angeles KLAX Q400 United @DeltaFox
Tiedown 2 Tijuana MMTJ Citation X N/A
Tiedown 3 Las Vegas KLAS CRJ-200 Infinite Flight
Tiedown 4 Santa Ana KSNA Q400 United
Tiedown 5 Oceanside KOKB C208 N/A
Tiedown 6 Burbank KBUR Citation X N/A @MacGyver
Tiedown 7 Salinas KSNS TBM-930 N/A
Tiedown 8 Palm Springs KPSP CRJ-200 Delta
Tiedown 9 Long Beach KLGB C208 N/A
Tiedown 10 San Jose KSJC Citation X N/A
Tiedown 11 Chino KCNO SR22 N/A
Tiedown 12 Van Nuys KVNY C208 N/A @Carloslikesplanes23
Tiedown 13 San Francisco KSFO CRJ-200 Delta
Tiedown 14 Sonoma County KSTS Citation X N/A @Flightistic
Tiedown 15 San Luis Obispo KSBP TBM-930 N/A
Tiedown 16 San Diego KSAN Q400 Horizon
Tiedown 17 Torrance KTOA C172 N/A @Mukundan_Srivatsa (patterns)
Grassy Area :)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Pilot
Start 1 Gillespie Field KSEE SR22
Start 2 El Monte KEMT C172 @NuggetFornia
Start 3 Hawthorne KHHR C172 @Chicago_Aviator (patterns)
Start 4 Torrance KTOA C172 @tunamkol
Start 5 Santa Barbara KSBA SR22
Start 6 Half Moon Bay KHAF TBM-930
Start 7 San Clemente KNUC C208
Start 8 Compton KCPM XCub

π‘€π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘’ πΌπ‘›π‘“π‘œ

If you sign up, you’ll be added to a PM, where you can receive information and reminders for the flyout.

For more information, contact me via PMs, at @NuggetFornia

Please note that some of these routes are fictional, because, why not?

In the case the that the IFATC decides to not ignore this event, I will not be responsible for any violations gained in this event, unless they are my own.

Respect the other pilots and the possible IFATC.


I’m really not familiar with the area, so could you give me a <1 hour route with the C172 or XCub?

Thanks and very nice event

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I would suggest KAVX-KTOA. About 45 mins in the XCub.

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Nice, can i have that then please?

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Sure thing!

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Thank you!!!

this one please.

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Okay! Let me add you.

Today is November 11…

ThatΒ΄s the only thing that you have to take note.

I invite you to check the post that I linked above. Got it mate? :)

Today is November 16th…

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Okay then.

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Jajaja, thank you.

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Everything is well organized. You have to wait like a week or 2 to announce it :)

Should I take it down?

Okay. I’ll make it private for now. :)

Wait hold on, I don’t think you need to take it down @NuggetFornia, it’s a great thread. Maybe just move the event date back a week or something.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think moving the date and leaving it listed is ok

Well, I can move it further a month and host it near Thanksgiving. Yes.

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Moving it back just a week is fine, I think