[FINISHED] 27NOV21 / 1300Z - GVG & MHVA Presents: "Serumpun" Event @WIII

Gate G29 & G32 is yours @Khai_BorneoX & @Capt_Lee!
See you there soon :D

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Gate G38 is your sir! See you later! :D

Sign me up here please. Indonesia 111GG

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Gotcha, Gate23 is yours :D. See you later!

Please sign me for GVG 923

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Gate G39 is yours 😄. See you soon…

Instead of flying, I’ll likely control at WMKK later today. I’ll open at about 2021-11-27T14:15:00Z as you guys begin arrive.

Realistic parking positions will be enforced through progressive taxi instructions, failure to follow instructions may result in violations being issued.


Can I take gate 42 please? My call sign is VT-GSC

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Sure, gate 42 is now yours :D

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Awesome! Thank you for the offer. See you at WMKK then :D

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we depart in half an hour right?

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Yeah, we’ll depart in 25mins

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hey is it okay if i pushback a little early i might not be there for landing otherwise lol

It’s time for spawn at your assigned gate @Crown @IFPI-Daeng-E @CamelGuy @Ritesh321 @Capt_Maverick @Khai_BorneoX @Capt_Lee @DominicusRPM @HUMVEE @Capt_Sam_R @Barii_Ahmad @Gopisreekanth_Chukka.

Flight details are listed above. We will start in 10


On behalf of the GVG Staff, we thank all who have joined this event, especially for @MalaysiaAirlinesVA and all the pilots: @Citrusinabox @CamelGuy @Barii_Ahmad @Crown @Ritesh321 @Capt_Maverick @Khai_BorneoX @Capt_Lee @Gopisreekanth_Chukka! See you next time. Sorry for the shortcomings that occurred during this event.Thank you also to the IFATC controllers who have had the opportunity to intentionally or unintentionally control this event, especially @felixcat @Juiceinaglass @LordWizrak @Anthony_Morgan. Finally, stay healthy everyone 🙌


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