[FINISHED] 27NOV21 / 1300Z - GVG & MHVA Presents: "Serumpun" Event @WIII

Hello everyone! We have launched an event, namely the "Serumpun" Event. This event is a collaboration of @GarudaVirtualGroup and @MalaysiaAirlinesVA. We are pleased about this event, and hopefully, this event can further strengthen the relationship between GVG and MHVA.

Event Information:

Event Schedule: 2021-11-27T13:00:00Z2021-11-27T15:30:00Z
Departure Airport: Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport (WIII / CGK)
Arrival Airport: Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport (WMKK / KUL)

GVG : Garuda Indonesia - B737-800
MHVA: Malaysia Airlines - B737-800

Before Pushback
Pushback & Taxi
  • Pushback in order of gates assigned
  • Taxi speeds: Max 20kts in during straights, max 10kts in turns
Take Off & Climb
  • Takeoff Runway: TBA
  • V1: 133kts VR: 138kts V2: 142kts
  • Climb Rate: 2200fpm until FL100 / 1800 fpm until FL280 / 1200fpm until Cruise (adjust if necessary)
  • Climb Speeds: 240kts until FL100 / 290kts until FL280 / M0.78 until Cruise
  • Cruise Altitude: 38.000ft
  • Cruise Speed: M0.78
Descent & Landing
  • Descent: Refer to VNAV
  • Approach: I32L
  • Landing Runway: TBA
  • After Landing exit Right and follow the others to the gate

Terminal 3

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate G15 @Syncline Indonesia 002GG
Gate G16 @Citrusinabox Indonesia 123GG
Gate G18 @Ramzi_Khairan Indonesia 125GG
Gate G19 @Crown Indonesia 118GG
Gate G22 @IFPI-Daeng-E Indonesia 100GG
Gate G23 @CamelGuy Indonesia 111GG
Gate G25 @LordWizrak Malaysian 002VA
Gate G26 @Ritesh321 Malaysian 033VA
Gate G28 @Capt_Maverick Malaysian 006VA
Gate G29 @Khai_BorneoX Malaysian 104VA
Gate G32 @Capt_Lee Malaysian 010VA
Gate G33 Reserved For MHVA
Gate G35 @DominicusRPM
Gate G36 @HUMVEE
Gate G38 @Capt_Sam_R
Gate G39 @Barii_Ahmad Indonesian 923GG
Gate G42 @Gopisreekanth_Chukka VT-GSC
Gate G43

The addition of a gate is possible if there are many participants in this event.

* Please appear at the gate you set. * Please follow the ATC instructions or use Unicom. * Please pushback according to the pushback time listed on your gate
This event is brought to you by Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group & Malaysia Airlines Virtual. For more information about GVG and MHVA, please visit our Official Thread and Website.

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Malaysia Airlines Virtual

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Please do sign me up for gate G25. I’ll be attending under the callsign Malaysian 002VA.

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Hi @LordWizrak, gate G25 is yours.
Thanks for signing up! See you on November 27th. Cheers.

Please sign me up as Indonesia 002GG

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Please assign me up as Indonesia 123GG

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sign me up Indonesia 125GG

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Hello @Syncline, @Citrusinabox, and @Ramzi_Khairan Thank you for registering for this event. See you at WIII on November 27th! We have placed you at the gate assignment above.


Sign me Up Please Indonesia 118GG :D

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Sign me for Indonesia 100GG, ;)

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Can i Have this GAte as MHVA033?

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Please sign me up as Malaysian 006VA. See you there!

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Hi there! @Crown, @IFPI-Daeng-E, @Ritesh321 & @Capt_Maverick. Thank you for registering for this event! See you on November 27th.


Please sign me up for gate G35, thank youu

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Gate G35 is yours! Thanks for joining this event, see you at CGK! 😁

Please do sign me up. Thank you


Welcome to the Community @Capt_Sam_R! hopefully, you will enjoy the event this weekend 🤓

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Can I have this gate

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Sure! Sorry for this delay

I would like to take this gate,MHVA104VA :)

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sign up me for this gate please, MHVA010. Thank you :)

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