[FINISHED] 27DEC21 / 1800Z - Wizz Air Virtual Presents: Basel - Skopje Event @LFSB-LWSK

Hello everyone and welcome to the third Wizz Air Virtual IFC event!

On 2021-12-27T18:00:00Z we’ll depart from Basel, one of the 3D airports in Switzerland and fly to Skopje in North Macedonia, where we can enjoy beautiful scenery on the approach!

This event is open to public, so no matter if you’re in WZZVA or not, we’re inviting you all to join us!

About the airports:

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is the only tri-national airport in the world, it was built by Switzerland on French territory. It serves the city of Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany. Wizz Air currently operates up to 16 routes from Basel, mostly to Eastern Europe.

Skopje International Airport (formerly known as Skopje Alexander the Great Airport) is the largest airport in North Macedonia, located just 17 km east from the capital city. It’s an important base for Wizz Air, which currently operates 33 routes from Skopje to 14 countries around Europe, having a market share of 65% at the airport.

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Wizz Air A321
Route: LFSB (Basel) - LWSK (Skopje)
Departure time: 2021-12-27T18:00:00Z
Flight time: 1:50h

Gate Pilot
Gate 01 @Capt_Sam_R
Gate 02 @Fabix
Gate 03 -
Gate 04 -
Gate 05 Reserved for MHVA
Gate 06A Reserved for MHVA
Gate 09A Reserved for SVVA
Gate 11A Reserved for SVVA
Gate 12A Reserved for SVVA
Gate 14A Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 16A Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 17 Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 20 Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 22 Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 24 Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 26 Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 28A Reserved for WZZVA
Gate 29A -
Gate 30A -
Gate 32A -
Gate 34 -
Gate 35 -
Gate 36 -
Gate 37 -
Gate 38 -
Gate 39 -

Please request a gate in the comments if you’d like to join us.

  • Spawn in at least 5 minutes before the event start, so we can depart without any delay.
  • Follow all ATC instructions if ATC is active, otherwise use unicom.
  • Have fun and enjoy the flight!


LFSB local: @JSRibs28
LWSK local: available

Partner airlines:

The following VAs/VOs are joining the event as our codeshare partners:

Interested in joining Wizzair Virtual?

If you’d like to fly more beautiful routes like this one with our VA members, make sure to check our thread and follow the steps to apply! We have multiple internal events organised every week.

Thank you everyone and see you there!

Thread made by @Jakub_Astary and @AviatorAlex (banners)


Sign up me

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@Capt_Sam_R I have assigned you the gate, thanks for joining and see you there!

Jakub [WZZVA002]


Sign me up

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Gate 2 is yours! Thank you for joining!

Alex [WZZVA001]
Wizzair Virtual
Chief Executive Officer

Enjoy your flights! Glad to help get you all out of LFSB! :)


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