[FINISHED] 27DEC20 / 1300Z - IFBR Virtual Org. Presents: Amsterdam Fly in with IFATC @ EHAM

The route is yours, we’ll see you there!

Very well man! The route is yours too.

this one please KL1001
hehe flying into my home country

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Can you add the Kuala Lumpur route using Boeing 777-200ER MH17 Malaysia Airlines.If you can,I will join in.

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For obvious reasons, I cannot add the Malaysian flight. But I added the KLM flight with the 772. It will be a pleasure to have you with us, if you wish. @CaptainAzriq

please schedule this route for me … thanks

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Hong Kong (VHHH) [11:15] KL887 (B772) please !!

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It’s okay.Thanks for adding me.

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You’re welcome! @CaptainAzriq

OK bro! You will take off from LAX.

We want to see you on Sunday, the route is yours!

ok bro, have a good flight to EHAM on Sunday

You are listed, but be aware: This is a Fly In, don’t confuse it with Fly out.

Welcome to the event again, my friend!

Will you leave your home airport? The route is yours.

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hello, i would like to take flight KL743 from Lima, could you confirm it for me. thanks !!!

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Thanks! We are happy for your training. We will wait for you at EHAM.

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A very famous aerial bridge. We really want to see you flying on it!

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Welcome to the event! Stay tuned for the final recommendations that will be sent out tomorrow.

It will be a pleasure to have you with us!