[FINISHED] 27DEC20 / 1300Z - IFBR Virtual Org. Presents: Amsterdam Fly in with IFATC @ EHAM

Official Event an IFBR ®️

Welcome to Amsterdam Fly in with IFBR ATCs


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM) Schiphol Airport is an important European airport, ranking as Europe’s third busiest and the world’s eleventh busiest by total passenger traffic in 2017 (12th in 2016, 14th in 2015, 2014 and 2013 and 16th in 2012). It also ranks as the world’s fifth busiest by international passenger traffic and the world’s sixteenth busiest for cargo tonnage. 63,625,664 passengers passed through the airport in 2016. Schiphol’s main competitors in terms of passenger traffic and cargo throughput are London-Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris–Charles de Gaulle and Istanbul. In 2010, 65.9% of passengers using the airport flew to and from Europe, 11.7% to and from North America and 8.8% to and from Asia; cargo volume was mainly between Schiphol and Asia (45%) and North America (17%).

In 2010, 106 carriers provided a total of 301 destinations on a regular basis. Passenger destinations were offered by 91 airlines. Direct (non-stop) destinations grew by nine to a total of 274. Regular destinations serviced exclusively by full freighters (non-passenger) grew by eight to a total of twenty-seven.

The airport is built as one large terminal (a single-terminal concept), split into three large departure halls, which connect again once airside. The most recent of these was completed in 1994 and expanded in 2007 with a new section, called Terminal 4, although it is not considered a separate building. A new pier is to be opened in 2019 with a terminal extension planned to be operational by 2023. Plans for further terminal and gate expansion exist, including the construction of a separate new terminal between the Zwanenburgbaan and Polderbaan runways that would end the one-terminal concept.

We don’t need to give too much explanation to know why we chose Schiphol for this event, do we? There are many flight options and we have selected the best ones so that you can choose your preferred one.

Continue reading the topic to better understand how the event works and wait for instructions that will be sent to everyone via PM.


The event will take place in Fly in mode: pilots take off from several airports of origin, departing at the takeoff time to arrive in Amsterdam (EHAM) at approximately 13:00 (UTC), forming a beautiful traffic arriving at AMS Airport. Read the following information:

The takeoff time of the route table was calculated based on the history of the actual flights, however, adjust your schedule if necessary, according to your pre-flight briefing.

A359, A380, B77W, B772,B787, B744, B77F, B77L aircraft must not exceed mach 0.85 speed during the cruise.

B737 and A320 family aircraft must not exceed mach 0.78 speed during the cruise.

The headlands in use will be defined by METAR at the time of the event.

It is ideal that they add the arrival procedure (STAR) and final approach (Approach IAC) to the plan, for better organization of the event.

Upon arrival, each pilots dedication and self-vectoring work will be required to keep traffic realistic and safe. Do your part, simulate and enjoy!

Further recommendations will be sent through the PM Briefing Letter for each participating pilot.

EHAM Charts

Vau.Aero (03/06/2020) - https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/EHAM.pdf

Amsterdam Arrivals

Africa Routes
Takeoff Time (UTC) Departure Airport Flight Time Estimated Callsign/Aircraft Pilot STATUS
06:30 UTC Accra (DGAA) [06:30] KL589 (772) Estimated
06:20 UTC Lagos (DNMM) [06:40] KL587 (772) Estimated
01:40 UTC Cape Town (FACT) [11:20] KL597 (B77W) Estimated
02:15 UTC Johannesburg (FAOR) [10:45] KL591 (B77W) Estimated
04:40 UTC Kilimanjaro (HTKJ) [08:20] KL569 (78X) @Neto_Campelo CONFIRMED
America Routes
Takeoff Time (UTC) Departure Airport Flight Time Estimated Callsign/Aircraft Pilot STATUS
01:05 UTC São Paulo (SBGR) [11:55] KL791 (77W) @Breno_Carvalho Estimated
01:10 UTC Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) [11:50] KL705 (789) @claytonbrasil700 Canceled
00:30 UTC Lima (SPJC) [12:30] KL743 (77W) @Arthur_Lyrio CONFIRMED
01:20 UTC Quito (SEQM) [11:40] KL753 (B772) @nandopimentell CONFIRMED
02:10 UTC Panama City (MPTO) [10:50] KL757 (B77W) @Qatari777YT CONFIRMED
01:55 UTC Los Angeles (KLAX) [11:05] KL601 (B77W) @Victor_Amaral Estimated
02:05 UTC San Francisco (KSFO) [10:55] KL606 (B77W) @MJP_27 Estimated
03:20 UTC Atlanta (KATL) [09:40] KL623 (B78X) Estimated
04:20 UTC Detroit (KDTW) [08:40] DL135 (A359) @Lucas_Botelho CONFIRMED
05:00 UTC New York (KJFK) [08:00] KL643 (B77W) @samory167 Estimated
23:15 UTC Buenos Aires (SAEZ) [13:45] KL701 (B789) @gamer_vlogs CONFIRMED
01:05 UTC São Paulo (SBGR) [11:55] KL791 (77W) @Tulio_Costa CONFIRMED
02:05 UTC San Francisco (KSFO) [10:55] KL605 (B77W) @Leandro_Resende Estimated
01:10 UTC Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) [11:50] KL705 (789) @Joao_Christ CONFIRMED
01:20 UTC Quito (SEQM) [11:40] KL753 (B772) @Johnny1 CONFIRMED
01:10 UTC Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) [11:50] KL705 (789) @JordiBR CONFIRMED
01:05 UTC São Paulo (SBGR) [11:55] KL791 (77W) @Isaias_Silva CONFIRMED
Asia Routes
Takeoff Time (UTC) Departure Airport Flight Time Estimated Callsign/Aircraft Pilot STATUS
02:00 UTC Tokyo Narita (RJAA) [11:00] KL861 (B77W) Estimated
01:40 UTC Shanghai ( ZSPD) [11:20] MU772 (A359) @JPC CONFIRMED
01:45 UTC Hong Kong (VHHH) [11:15] KL887 (B772) @if.minas CONFIRMED
02:00 UTC Bangkok (VTBS) [11:00] KL875 (B77W) Estimated
00:55 UTC Taipei (RCTP) [12:05] CI74 (A359) @RenanLelles CONFIRMED
05:05 UTC Delhi (VIDP) [07:55] KL871 (B78X) Estimated
03:35 UTC Beijing (ZBAA) [09:25] KL897 (B772) Estimated
00:15 UTC Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) [12:45] KL810 (B772) @CaptainAzriq Canceled
Europe Routes
Takeoff Time (UTC) Departure Airport Flight Time Estimated Callsign/Aircraft Pilot STATUS
09:50 UTC Lisbon (LPPT) [03:10] U27664 (A320) @Leandro_Alexandre CONFIRMED
10:25 UTC Madrid (LEMD) [02:35] KL1099 (B738) Estimated
11:40 UTC Paris (LFPG) [01:20] KL1223 (B738) Estimated
10:45 UTC Rome (LIRF) [02:15] KL1597 (B738) @Gritz CONFIRMED
11:35 UTC Zurich (LSZH) [01:25] KL1953 (B737) @GameBoy_KIRB CONFIRMED
11:30 UTC Geneva (LSGG) [01:30] U21352 (A320) Estimated
11:55 UTC Hamburg (EDDH) [01:05] EW7181 (A319) Estimated
11:40 UTC Copenhagen (EKCH) [01:20] SK550 (A320) Estimated
11:35 UTC Liverpool (EGGP) [01:25] U27002 (A320) Estimated
11:40 UTC London (EGLL) [01:20] KL1001 (B738) @Harunav CONFIRMED
11:25 UTC Glasgow ( EGPF) [01:35] U26854 (A320) Estimated
11:15 UTC Vienna (LOWW) [01:45] KL1849 (B737) Estimated
09:40 UTC Athenas (LGAV) [03:30] TRA1549 (B738) @Matheus_Fonseca CONFIRMED
Cargo Routes
Takeoff Time (UTC) Departure Airport Flight Time Estimated Airline/Aircraft Pilot STATUS

Server: Expert Server.

Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
Follow ATC instructions if be present; however, if no ATC is active, unicom should be used appropriately.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

New slots and routes can be added.

Stay tuned for final recommendations that will be released before the event. Have fun with us!!!

When requesting a route, please do so like this: Airport departure, and airline/aircraft. (remember to choose the route to depart on a flight time to arrival to EHAM around 13:00 UTC (27/12/2020)

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We appreciate @Tyler_Shelton for let the IFATCs of IFBR participate of this important event


Hello could uou please confirm my route from Buenos Aires for me? thanks.

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I’ll have this gate please! Thanks!

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Hey! Another amazing Event. Let me have this route pls:

01:05 UTC | São Paulo (SBGR) | [11:55] | KL791 (77W)

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Please reserve this for me😆👍🏼

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hello, I wanted to reserve flight KL791 for me! from São Paulo

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Reserve for me pls!

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Reserve KL605 from San Francisco for me please

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Hello, could you put it on the flight from Los Angeles please? thanks!

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Reserve this for me please😄

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Taipei (RCTP) [12:05] CI74 (A359) please!!

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Hello, please can I have the flight to New York

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It’s reserved, look your PM for final instructions

It’s reserved, look your PM for final instructions

It’s all yours, look your PM for final instructions

Hello Brothers… I would like to fly SBGL- EHAM

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Reserve this flight for me plz

|09:50 UTC|Lisbon (LPPT)|[03:10]|U27664 (A320)||Estimated

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01:10 UTC | Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) [11:50] / KL705 - 789

hello, can you reserve this flight for me? 👍🏻

nice event guys! 🥳

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It’s reserved for you, look your PM for final instructions

its your´s have a good flight and look your PM for final instructions

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