[FINISHED] 26JUN20 / 2100Z - The Magical Flyout! @KMCO

Yours, thanks for signing up!

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yes, we can fly around, low altitude, Disney world

No if he said no patterns then you won’t be able to

I’ll put you at a GA gate to KISM to fly around Disney…just don’t expect pattern work. What plane do you want?

ok any plane

There are a lot of planes. If you want to sign up, please tell me what plane you want, I won’t pick for you.

can i take Gate 07, the JetBlue E190 to KHPN

Southwest 737-800 to KDEN please!

West jet to YVR but can I have it in the 737-800?

@TylerShah @Luke_Sta @Jayson_Martinez

All of you are signed up! Thanks for coming!

I’ll take this gate, thanks! ;)

Signed up!

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I will take this gate please thank you

I will take this gate! Thank you!

@Udeme_Ekpo @MJP_27

You’re both signed up!

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I’ll take this gate!

All yours, thanks for coming! Happy to have SWVA on board :)

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Gate 101 KMKE B737 Southwest. I am a SWVA Senior Captain

Got it, thanks for coming!

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can I get gate125 to FLL.
Terminal A- Airside 2