[FINISHED] 26JUN20 / 2100Z - The Magical Flyout! @KMCO

Sure. You still want to go to Atlantic City or somewhere else? And what aircraft do you want to use?

Can I get this, please? It’ll be an ASVA flight. Callsign is ASVA119.

You’ve got it!

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I will probably go to Key West in a TBM-930. Thanks!

Ok, changed your flight :)

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Spirit Virtual, one of Infinite Flight’s newest virtual airlines, is now a sponsor for this event! You can find their thread here:

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Glad to be sponsoring this event


Hello @NYFLFlyer22 because I joined NKVA can you change my flight to mco to Las Vegas plz

Yup! Not a problem.

I’ll take this gate NKVA003!

Yup, all yours!

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I will take this NKVA006

All yours, thanks for signing up!

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Ill take this! NKVA2

@Lufthansa2 #newarkgang 😜

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All yours thanks for coming!

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I’ll take this gate

Swiss A330 to Zurich :-)

@Javier_Arnau_Avila @saam you’re both signed up!

Sorry but can I change to this flight please