Finished! (26 ATTENDING!) The St. Maartin Fly-in! @TNCM 021300ZJAN20

Hello, and welcome to the St. Maartin Fly-in!

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What is St. Maartin princess Juliana international airport?

You’re not an av-geek if you don’t know this place. Located in the Bahamas, St. Martin is a Dutch occupation that is actually half French too! St. Martin is known for its amazing “Maho” beach, located right behind the runways threshold, making It one of the coolest airports in the world! But beware, let the amazing views and water not fool you, there is a hill after the runway, so turning away from it is crucial if you don’t want to ruin your holiday…

Why St. Martin?

I have personally made numerous presentations and posters throughout my lifetime on this airport. Being an Av-geek, this has always been a dream for me to go to, as the airplanes that pass right by your head is an amazing experience. I think that TNCM is not only an amazing place, but a fun place too, with many international and state-wide flights that feature an extensive choice for pilots to chose from…

Event Details

Time: 2020-01-02T16:00:00Z until 2020-01-02T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server
Location: TNCM, (secondary: TFFJ)

Event rules

Please arrive into TNCM within the given time frame, so please arrange your flights as closely as possible. I will hopefully ask for IFATC coverage for this event, so In the case that IFATC is present please follow all instructions from ATC upon landing. If IFATC isn’t present, please use unicom respectively. You may land at any time within the given time frame.

Gates and assignments

gates and assignments
Departure ICAO Aircraft Airline Attendant
EHAM B747-400 KLM @Scandanavian54super @mark.gregor.jaaska @Joe_Baines1501
LFPO A350-900 Air Caraibes @Liam13
LFPG B777-200 Air France @Greggoose972
LIRF B777-200 Alitalia @BravoCharlie
KJFK B757 American Airlines
KFLL A320 JetBlue @James_Digby, @TRDubh @LongHaulGuy, @anon38496261 , @ouzi
KIAD B737-800 United
KJFK B757 Delta
KPHL B757 United
KCLT B757 American Airlines @Luke_Sta
KATL B757 Delta @Keegan_Butler
KBOS A321 JetBlue
TTPP B737-800 Caribbean airlines @Tsumia
MPTO B737-800 Copa Airlines @PoxBottle
CYYZ B767 Air Canada @americanboeing
TNCE C208 Air caraibes
TFFj C208 Air caraibes
KMIA E190 Jetblue
TQPF Dash 8 Q-400 generic
KFLL A321 Sprit Airlines @ouzi
MDSD CRJ-200 Aruba Airlines
TUPJ CRJ-200 Aruba airlines @John370
TFFR Dash 8 Q-400 Generic
Miami B737-800 American Airlines @iiExTReME
KSAN CCX Any @BadPlane
VFR TFFJ C172 @DimitriB
VFR TVSM TBM 930 Charcoal @Will_A
VFR MTPP C172 @freakish_Gamer

NOTE: Please do understand that some of the airlines listed above do not operate the routes, because the actual airlines do not exist In IF, so I tried to make it as realistic as possible without putting too many generic liveries. Please Suggest IRL routes if your route is not shown!

Thanks a lot for looking, hope to see you come!


May I have this! Thanks!

First Signup!

Ohh, good choice! 😉
Thanks for coming!

No problem! Had to get that famous route!😉

Since not all routes where included, if you wish to see your own route in the event, please let me know!

I’ll take the American 757 from Charlotte! See you then!

I think this is supposed to be KFLL

Oh you’re right! Thanks for correcting me!

Awesome! Thanks for coming 👋

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Route to Rome with Alitalia B777 has been added!

C208 from TFFJ please:)

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Roger that, you’re all signed up! Thanks for joining 👍

Hey! Could I fly in from Amsterdam?

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Sure! You can join @Scandanavian54super :)

See you there!

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I’m actually going to change now lol. I’ll fly in from Paris.

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I’ve reserved that one for a VA.

I’ll update you if it frees up :)

If you really want that route, I’ll give it to you. But I would prefer if you don’t take it for now.

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may i join i would love to fly the 747 from eham

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Roger that! see you there @Joe_Baines1501 👍

This route please. Thanks and great event!

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@AlphaSeven does the title say 2019

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