[FINISHED] 24JUL21 / 2130Z - My 14th Birthday Event @ KATL - CYEG

July 24 is my birthday, I am turning 14 this year and I have decided to make an event on my birthday as I love flying in a group. The Flight will be from Atlanta hartsfield where I was born to Edmonton International where I live. In the Air Canada 77W, which is my favorite liverty in Infinite Flight.


Server: Expert

Route: Atlanta (KATL) to Edmonton (CYEG)

Time: 2021-07-24T21:30:00Z2021-07-25T02:30:00Z

Airline: Air Canada

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER


ATIS - @Crcoli737
Ground - @Crcoli737
Tower - @Crcoli737
Departure -


Atlanta Centre -
Memphis Centre -
Kansas City Centre -
Denver Centre-
Salt Lake city Centre -
Edmonton Centre -


ATIS - @Krypton
Ground - @Krypton
Tower - @Krypton

Gate F

F07 - @Mollel.kid
F05 - @Shamrock1AKHeavy
F03 - @PocketRishi
F01 - @shayaanahmed247
F02 - @Apple_Haye
F04 - @ElectricGalaxyYT
F06 - @MiniYYZ
F08 - @Vurige
F10 - @InfiniteFlight_Shots
F12 - @Parker_Lozano1
F14 - @Matt001

Gate E

E36 -
E32 -
E30 -
E28 -
E26 -
E12 -
E10 -
E08 -
E04A -
E27A -
E14 -
E16A -
E18A -
E17 -
E15 -
E11 -

Instagram: Login • Instagram

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4l2sTuete0utlKraTMDEjQ

Other Events:

Please follow all IFATC Instructions, I am NOT responsible for any violations

Don’t Spam the UNICOM if there is no IFATC at the Airport. I will take note of whoever spams the UNICOM and they will not be allowed to join my events again

I will not be responsible for any type of violations

For a more smoother Departure, please don’t Pushback until I say so

Please make sure you actually come to the event when you sign up. Please let me know if you won’t be able to show up


Can I have a gate at Atlanta?

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Yes, signed u up

@Noah_Hunt u want to join

I would join but the time won’t work out for me

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Why not, how should I change the time

Can I get a gate please

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Yeh, signed u up

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Its the flight time and I don’t want you to change the time of the event cus its gonna affect other ppl

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Oh ok, where do you live

There r only 2 sign ups so.

One week left till the event, lets fill those sign ups

We got ATC at KATL. Now, let’s get some more sign ups, plenty more gates still available

Can I please get a gate at ATL? Happy birthday in advance!


I will take this one please!

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Ok, but why not F01 @Wesley_Fry

Thank you

Signed you up

I want to be next you cause you’ll be the birthday boy!

Wdym, that is not next to me. And there r no more gates that r next to me

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Oh then I guess I will take gate 1 :(

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