[FINISHED] 24JUL21 / 1600Z - The Mega Hong Kong flyout @VHHH

Hey there Ryder! Thanks for joining! I’ll put you on standby on that route! Make sure to bookmark this to set a reminder!

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@9to5Gamer ??

Hello, ok well ill stay with the Emirates 777, I try to be as realistic as possible. Sorry for all the bother. I’ll see you there!

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Sure thing! See you there!

Let’s get some more sign ups! Plenty of gates left!

Hello, I’m sorry to inform that something came up for that time, I’m sorry I will not be able to attend, it looks like it will be a good event. And I hope to join one of your next events soon. Thanks.

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No problem! Thank you anyways!

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Hey there!

Nice idea! I’m just wondering why not to do a flight from there to Zürich 77W 😅😅

I would do this :)

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Sure thing! I’ll add that route and you for that! Thank you!

Your gate is N71! You may choose Swiss or Cathay Pacific 77W!

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Thx dude! I’ll choose SWISS 777!

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Taipei Eva Air 77W 1:45 Hours Gate N60

Can you add me pls ?

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Added! Thanks for joining!

Already flying in from KJFK. After I land, I plan to fly to YMML.

@9to5Gamer is the event live? Or did it already happen…

Have done the flight…just arrived taipei…unfortunatley i did not see many planes in HKG :(
But thanks anyway…was fun

Sorry guys, I was busy and unable to answer. Thank you to those who attended! Hope you have had a great flight!

Those who didn’t attend, thanks for signing up anyways and I hope you’ll be actually attending next time 🙂!

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