{FINISHED} [23 Attending, 60.5% Filled] The Forgotten SoCal Airport Flyout @KONT 301700ZMAR19


Thank you! You are all set! :D


Actually could I change my destination to San Jose KSJC. I know you’ll love that:-) ? Callsign: Southwest 2235


my callsign is JM116NH


Oh yeah…that was quite a while ago :)

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Ahhhh KONT 😍
Amazing choice!

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KONT is always amazing!

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Can I get this gate and my call sign is ASVA004


I will take gate 4-06, but could you change the destination to DEN please? Thanks.

Callsign Will be SWA212


I believe @BigBert10 doesn’t want any routes to be flown double unless they are in real life. You can request for him to put you in standby


Well I will just keep my Destination PHX then


You could take this gate @Luke_Sta


Yeah I will take that. See you there

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@joslleymiguel_holand and @Mattheus, both of you are all set! :D

Thanks for coming! :D

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You are all set! :D

Thanks for coming! :D

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I will move you to Gate 4-14 then :D

You’re all set! Thanks for joining and flying to KSJC :D


thank you…

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Can I take 4-02 to MDW please?


You have been added. Would you like a callsign

Thanks for coming


There are still many gates available! Sign up now and give the Forgotten SoCal Airport some life! :D


Anyway for me to do a charter to Manchester, NH? I know, I always fly to MHT, I just like MHT lol.