{FINISHED} [23 Attending, 60.5% Filled] The Forgotten SoCal Airport Flyout @KONT 301700ZMAR19



All Southwest gates have been filled. If you would like a Southwest gate, I will put you on Standby.



In order to try and keep everything ready and filled:

  1. @757fan, would you like to add a callsign to your gate to KSFO? RESOLVED
  2. @Krunchy_Toast, would you like me to remove you from standby and add you to an official gate?


I will use the callsign UVA199; is it also possible to switch me to a E170?


Thank you. I have added your callsign and changed your aircraft to an E170! :D

You are all set, see you there! :D


Small bump



This is a Southwest Virtual Promoted Event. This means that any SWV pilot who represents the VA in this event, your hours will count as it is on the schedule.

Please remember to use your SWV callsign.


Can I have 4-10 to KMDW but can I fly Southwest instead?


Can I take this under callsign TC763?


Thank you! You are signed up and all set! See you there and thanks for coming! :D


4-10 is an American Airlines gate. Would you like to fly to PHX instead or would you like me to put you on standby for KMDW


Any available Southwest gate?


Unfortunately, there are no available Southwest gates :(
I’m sorry

If you want a chance to have one, I can put you on standby or choose a different airline with a different destination and be guaranteed a gate.


I’ll take stand by for Gate 4-2 to KMDW with southwest


Alright, I will add you to standby. Would you like to add a callsign as well?


Well my callsign is always Velocity 1 …


Thank you

You have now been added to standby! :)


Could I have my callsign changed to UVAL027?


Your callsign has been changed :)


will take this gate. thanks!

callsign will be UPS 915 Heavy


Is it possible to get that Terminal 4 Gate 9 AA flight to DFW? I used to do this flight 4-5 times a year, I’m so glad Ontario is getting some love (I lived about 15 minutes from it for 5 years).