Finished | 22JAN22 / 1600Z - New Year, New IFGA | Welcome to our first IFC event! @ LSZH to EHAM


Welcome to IFGA‘s first public event!

We hope to have you with us!


Here at IFGA we strive to fly to a standard above and beyond expected of Infinite Flight pilots.
We fly with skill and precision that is unrivalled in the infinite flight community.
These two values allow us to perform an impressive standard of professionalism and courtesy which sets us apart from other groups.
We also offer an extensive team of talented and dedicated staff and moderators to ensure that our pilots have the best possible experience with us.
So why not join us and see what else we have to offer and see how flying with us is!

Find out more here

Event Information

From Swiss cheese to Dutch cheese🧀

Note: IFGA will lead this Event

Date & Time - 22nd January - 16:00Z

Server - Expert server

Route - Zurich LSZH → Amsterdam EHAM

Estimated Flighttime - 1hr 25min +/-

Aircraft & Airline

Boeing 737-700 - KLM
Embraer E190 - KLM
Airbus A220-300 - Swiss

Flight Information

⬇️ Required To Follow ⬇️

Flight Level - FL360
Climb Profile - 250/290/M0.78
VS - Pilots discretion

FUEL QTY - 1:50Hr
PAX/CARGO - Up to pilot

Departure - LSZH
DEP RWY - 28
SID - Unavailable

Arrival - EHAM
Approach I36R APP

Gate Assignment

Please note that Dock A gates 08-50 are reserved for IFGA members

Please sign up in the following format:
Callsign / Aircraft / Airline

Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot Callsign
Dock A
02 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Robin3 KLM 245AK
04 Boeing 737-700 KLM @ali_mujeeb KLM 407AK
42 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Manav_Suri KLM 005AK
44 Boeing 737-700 KLM @AndrewGraham KLM 249AK
48 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Adrien_F AFKLM206
Dock B
31 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Aviator_KP KLM 226AK
33 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Connor.CHARLES KLM 023MT
37 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Southwest_2115 KLM 2115
39 Airbus A220-300 Swiss @AviatorTT Swiss 734
41 Boeing 737-700 KLM @Matthew_30 KLM 229
38 Airbus A220-300 Swiss @mj242_jr Swiss 2500

More gates will be added if needed.


IFGA will not take any responsibility for any reports or violations

Please fly professional and follow Expert server rules

Please follow all ATC instructions

Please follow all instructions given for and throughout the event

Please maintain a 10-15nm spacing at all times

Please spawn 15 minutes prior to event

That‘s it!

We hope to have you with us and see what IFGA is all about!
See you there!


Looking forward to this!
Hoping for a high attendance and a very fun Event🔥


It’s gonna be 🔥


Bring it on @ykaviation


This looks pretty good, I’m up for it!


Amazing! It’s always great to fly with IFGA


Great to hear this! We hope to have you with us, welcome to the IFC!

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Hey there, thanks a lot for coming, could you please use the sign up format?

Callsign | Aircraft | Airline


@IF.NORWAY, you reacted with Going in the poll, could you please also sign up with the given format?

Callsign | Aircraft | Airline


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KLM 225AK Boeing 737-700 KLM

As a proud member of AFKLM VA I hope a lot of pilots will join!

If it is possible to choose a gate I would like to request Dock A Gate 42.

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Thanks for signing up Eric! See you there!

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KLM 249AK Boeing 737-700 KLM.

Any gate please :)

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Thanks a lot for joining!

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KLM 023MT 737-700 cheers

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another AFKLM member here :D give me any Gate for the KLM 737-700 (Callsign: KLM 245AK

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Will take ATC @LSZH

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Thanks a lot Rohann!

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@IF.NORWAY @Robin3 @Connor.CHARLES

Thanks a lot for joining, you‘ve been signed up!

See you there!


Unfortunately your requested Gate is reserved for AFKLM members, We assigned you for dock B.
Also, the B739 isn‘t an option hence why I signed you up for the B737

Thanks a lot for coming!

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