[FINISHED] 22AUG20 / 1800Z - C-130 Hercules 65th Anniversary Fly-In / Fly-Out & Flypast

Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules 65th Anniversary Fly-In / Fly-Out & Balbo Flypast

To Celebrate 65th Anniversary of the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules First Flight @VR-206sqn-RAF would like to invite the IFC to take part in this Special Event to commemorate this Milestone of the

Mighty Herc!

Event Details

The Fly-In & Fly-Out will take place at Hollywood Burbank Airport KBUR. Formally the site of the Lockheed Burbank Facility & Bob Hope Airport, which staged the first Test Flight of the YC-130 Prototype.


The Event will be a C-130 Only event & will have two options for participants to choose to take part in.

Option 1: To Fly Out & depart on Route to Lockheed Martin’s C-130 Plant 6 at Dobbins ARB KMGE in Marietta, Georgia
(however If preferred you can choose a route of your own).

Option 2: To take part in the Balbo Flypast which will follow the route of the YC-130’s First Test Flight. It will depart KBUR (Burbank) and will initially form up over Santa Monica Bay before vectoring over to KLAX (Los Angles Int’l) for a Flypast and then transitioning over to its final waypoint to KEDW (Edwards AFB) where the formation will conduct a
Run & Break to Land.

The event will commence with an arrivals slot for any participants Flying In before it is due to start. Then Event will start with the departures of any participants taking part in Option 1 (Routes), followed by the participants taking part in
Option 2 (Balbo Formation).

Expert Server

Time: Saturday, August 22, 2020 6:00 PM

Operational Information:

Participants / Ramp Allocations:
FP (Flypast)
R (Route)

  • Gate A1: @VR-206sqn-RAF:
    RAF C-130J - Comet 65 (FP) “Formation Lead”

  • Gate A2: @Marcel001: C-130J - M-CEL (FP)

  • Gate A3: @Jesse_Clark - TBC

  • Gate A4: @Hodders: C-130J - TBC

  • Gate A5: @Finley_Skaggs: C-130H - Air Force 505

  • Gate A6: @morgan99: C-130J-30 - Canforce 130 (FP)

  • Gate A7

  • Gate A8

  • Gate A9

  • Gate B1

  • Gate B2

  • Gate B3

  • Gate B4

  • Gate B5

(If you would like take part, please specify C-130 variant & Callsign / which option you will be partaking in)


Sign me up please!

@Marcel001 What variant & Callsign would you like ?, which option you partaking in ?

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I will use the C-130J with callsign M-CEL on the fly-by!

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(Snaps of the Royal Air Force C-130J Fleet)

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Another why this aircraft is the king of transports !


Can I be in it

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@Jesse_Clark Sure, what’s your Callsign / C-130 variant & option you would like to participate in

Please feel free ask me any questions about the event, it would great to have you involved!

Plz sign up gate A4 c-130j

Roger, what callsign will you be flying under ? & which option will you be partaking in ?

Can I have gate A5?

Sure what model / Callsign you using ? & which option would you like to take part in?

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C130H and my callsign will be Air force 505.

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5 days to go!

come and join us to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the C-130! , plenty space for signup’s


Event date has changed to the 22/08/20

Please DM me if you have any questions

@Marcel001 @Finley_Skaggs @Jesse_Clark @Hodders


If it’s on the 22nd, I’m free and would love to participate!

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