(Finished) 20JUN20 / 0600Z - Connecting Hollywood to Australia's East Coast!

The Huge Oneworld Hub Flyout!

This Theme: Connecting Hollywood to Australia’s East Coast


G’day aviation enthusiasts, IFC members, IFATC, mods, Our Fellow Australians and Americans and everyone else in the community. Welcome to the Huge Oneworld Connecting Hubs fly out! This fly out we will be connecting 2 Oneworld Airlines to their 2 main hubs. This journey will be from Los Angeles to Sydney featuring the American favourite, American Airlines and last but not least our mates from down under, Qantas!

Los Angeles, United States

Home to the wonderful movies we watch everyday, Hollywood and the actors of course like James Spader, Tom Hanks, Leonard De Caprio and many more.

Sydney, Australia

Home to the Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House. No one can get tired of the wonderful views in Sydney.


Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: Los Angeles International Airport - KLAX

Arrival Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport - YSSY

Time and Date: 0600Z 20th June 2020

Check Here For Your Local Time





Distance (Nautical Miles): 6646nm
Aircraft: B773, B789 and A380
Airlines Featured: Qantas and American Airlines
Departure Runway: 25L
Arrival Runway: 16R
Cruising Altitude: FL380 (773, 789) and or FL400 (A380 only)
Climb Rate: 2500 V/S
Descent Rate: 3000 V/S
Flight Time: 14hrs 35mins
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.80

Please Be Spawned in at the Gate 10 Minutes Before Pushback at the latest
Please Respect all Expert Server and ATC Rules


KLAX RW25R RW07L FEKIL MERMA DRTHH 3608N/12939W 3706N/13601W 3652N/13959W 3532N/14614W 3405N/15031W 3213N/15504W 2818N/16232W 2615N/16513W 2220N/16829W 1406N/17304W 0930N/17605W 0644N/17817W 0328N/17845E 0107N/17647E 0423S/17224E 0741S/17000E 0845S/16913E 1135S/16718E 1221S/16646E 1723S/16318E 1753S/16300E 1943S/16153E 2459S/15910E 2610S/15835E 2746S/15910E 2920S/15718E DONIC ENTRA NOBAR VENUL MARUB FISHA SHORE MEPIL BEKLO DALAR URDEN IGALA MA16R SYDNM YSSY


Please Note: Terminal 4 Gates, East Remote Stands and the AA Maintenance Stands are limited as most of the gates are unable to fit the aircraft being used in the event.

Terminal 4
Gate Airline Aircraft User
41 Qantas A380
43 Qantas A380
48X American B789
Tom Bradley International Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft User
130 American B789 @Chief_Beef
130A Qantas A380 @SahyaQFFlyer
131 American B773
132 American B773
133 Qantas A380
134 American B789
134A Qantas A380
135 American B773
148 American B773
150 Qantas A380
152 American B789
153 Qantas A380
154 American B773
155 American B773
156 Qantas A380
157 American B789 @Hayden_Buerckner
159 Qantas A380
Qantas Maintenance Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft User
Apron 1 Qantas A380
Apron 2 Qantas A380
Apron 3 Qantas A380
Apron 4 Qantas A380
Apron 5 Qantas A380
Apron 6 Qantas A380
American Airlines Maintenance Stand
Gate Airline Aircraft User
Apron E10 American B789
Apron E11 American B789
East Remote Stand
Gate Airline Aircraft User
03A Qantas A380
06 Qantas A380
07A American B789
09A American B789
338 American B773
340 Qantas A380
342A American B773
344A Qantas A380
347 Qantas A380
348 American B789

If u have any questions or want your VA/VO to partner up, please do this in a PM.

VA/VO Sponsorships are much appreciated!

Hope to see you all there!!

Have fun!

(All photos used are not mine and I give full credit to the owners)


You should include an expected flight time 🙂

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just added for u to see

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Can I have gate 130

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Don’t forget to add a cruise speed

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@Chief_Beef I’ve signed you up see you there

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M.85 should be Best
M.80 too slow

We need a speed slow enough to run the exact time

Y not get there faster

Let’s bring this to a pm so it doesn’t clog this post

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157 American B789
Can I have this gate please

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@Hayden_Buerckner Thanks for signing up, see you there!

Thanks. Is it ok if I film the event and create a timelapse of it to post on YT?

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Yes of course, I’m doing the same thing as well

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Can I have gate 134 please

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@Infinite_Josh I’ve signed you up see you there!

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Can you pm me please and delete your comment if that is ok?

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Sorry but I can’t come now

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It’s ok I’ve removed you

Plenty of Gates Available!