[FINISHED] 20FEB2021 / 1800Z - Worldwide Fly-out on Training Server @OMDB

Not many events happen in training server, especially events such as fly-outs, fly-ins etc. You’d usually have those sort of events in expert server, so I thought there should be more of these sort of events in training server. So, my very first event is here. It will be hosted in Dubai (OMDB), and it is a fly-out, with flights going to all around the world, using the Emirates B777-300ER.
This event has actually finished. If you’d like you can see the S&V thread here OMDB fly-out on training server
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  • Several flights will be taking place, to all around the world. If you want to fly one of them, Just quote the flight in your reply so it’s easier for me to organise who is doing which flight. (Highlight the gate on this post and press ‘quote’)
  • Choose a flight going to or via a place you want to explore! Lets see if we can fill up every gate. (I know I’m asking for too much)
  • Try and pick your callsign based on the real life flight number. (Check FlightRadar24)
  • I’m hoping there will be ATC there. If anyone wants to volunteer I would really appreciate it. Please see the frequencies needed below.
    If there is, please listen and adhere to all their instructions
    If using UNICOM, please don’t troll or spam, and be respectful to other pilots
  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • I’d rather you make your own flight plans, but I am happy to help.
  • If there is ATC and I know that there will be in advance, they will post things like runways in use, taxi instructions, SIDs etc. so you can plan your flight accordingly.

This is my first event, please give me some feedback on this! I loved organising it, I hope it will be just as fun when the event actually takes place.

Server: Training
Airport: OMDB (Dubai International Airport)
Time and date: 2021-02-20T18:00:00Z
Event type: Fly-out
Featured airline: Emirates
Featured aircraft: B777-300ER
Every flight will be operated using an Emirates B777-300ER

Flights and gate assignments
(Gate assignment might change depending on the popularity of this event. Might move all flights to a concourse with less gates. Likewise, I will add more gates if this event is popular)

Flights available
Destination City Destination ICAO Distance Airline Aircraft
Accra DGAA 3434nm Emirates B777-300ER
Algiers DAAG 2765nm Emirates B777-300ER
Amman OJAI 1113nm Emirates B777-300ER
Amsterdam EHAM 2877nm Emirates B777-300ER
Athens LGAV 1810nm Emirates B777-300ER
Bangkok VTBS 2662nm Emirates B777-300ER
Beijing ZBAA 3374nm Emirates B777-300ER
Brussels EBBR 2813nm Emirates B777-300ER
Budapest LHBP 2239nm Emirates B777-300ER
Casablanca GMMN 3425nm Emirates B777-300ER
Copenhagen EKCH 2603nm Emirates B777-300ER
Delhi VIDP 1219nm Emirates B777-300ER
Dublin EIDW 3231nm Emirates B777-300ER
Hanoi VVNB 2867nm Emirates B777-300ER
Hong Kong VHHH 3316nm Emirates B777-300ER
Islamabad OPIS 1091nm Emirates B777-300ER
Istanbul LTFM 1674nm Emirates B777-300ER
Jakarta WIII 3605nm Emirates B777-300ER
Johannesburg FAOR 3550nm Emirates B777-300ER
Kabul OAKB 942nm Emirates B777-300ER
Kuala Lumpur WMKK 3006nm Emirates B777-300ER
Lisbon LPPT 3376nm Emirates B777-300ER
Madrid LEMD 3109nm Emirates B777-300ER
Manila RPLL 3831nm Emirates B777-300ER
Moscow UUDD 2007nm Emirates B777-300ER
Sao Paulo SGBR 6604nm Emirates B777-300ER
Seoul RKSI 3805nm Emirates B777-300ER
Singapore WSSS 3172nm Emirates B777-300ER
Toronto CYYZ 5986nm Emirates B777-300ER
Zurich LSZH 2643nm Emirates B777-300ER

NEW INFO: You may request any flight arriving in the US, just make sure it is a real life route flown by Emirates


All concourse C

Concourse C, B gates
Gate Destination City Destination ICAO Distance Airline Aircraft Pilot
B01 Baghdad ORBI 772nm Emirates B777-300ER @Ahmed1
B02 London EGLL 3003nm Emirates B777-300ER @Plix
B03 Muscat OOMS 189nm Emirates B777-300ER @United749
B04 New York City KJFK 6156nm Emirates B777-300ER @Helvetic27
B05 Nairobi HKJK 1996nm Emirates B777-300ER @Fung_Sum-sum
B06 Bahrain OBBI 265nm Emirates B777-300ER @FlyIf_0011IFPA
B08 Beirut OLBA 1190nm Emirates B777-300ER @Anthony_ABI_AAD
B09 Auckland NZAA 7797nm Emirates B777-300ER @IF_International
B10 Tokyo RJAA 4460nm Emirates B777-300ER @Icelandair_TeamICE
B11 Mauritius FIMP 2764nm Emirates B777-300ER @Julien_Narayanasawmy
B12 Kuwait City OKBK 461nm Emirates B777-300ER @Saudia263
B14 Jeddah OEJN 932nm Emirates B777-300ER @mcgregni
B15 Addis Ababa HAAB 1373nm Emirates B777-300ER @NiksAviation
B16 Mexico City via Barcelona MMMX via LEBL 7886nm Emirates B777-300ER @plane_guy12
B17 Cairo HECA 1304nm Emirates B777-300ER @Jacob_Croix
B18L Paris LFPG 3115nm Emirates B777-300ER @CessnaPilot
Concourse C, F gates
Gate Destination City Destination ICAO Distance Airline Aircraft Pilot
Frequency Controller
Dubai Ground @SPEEDBIRD101
Dubai Tower @SPEEDBIRD101
Dubai Departure @Mo_Alz

Thanks for reading and I hope you join.


i cant join, its on my school day, sorry

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Oh I’m sorry about that,
I was actually thinking of changing the date anyway, maybe on the 20th. Same time. Do u think u could join?

Yes, that is way better thank you and i want a flight to EGLL, can that happen and in a triple 7 300 Emirates Airlines?


Yup sure see u on the 20th!


ty, see u there

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Come on, lets get some more sign-ups! Event is in just over two weeks!

which ones the shortest route?

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There is a flight going to Bahrain (OBBI), That’s the shortest. There are also flights going to Baghdad and Amman which are relatively close

how long are they?

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OMDB - Bahrain OBBI takes under an hour (265nm)
OMDB - Baghdad ORBI takes 1hr 30m (770nm)

Oh yeah OOMS is closer at 190nm

okay I’ll take that one but I might not make it

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The flight to OOMS?

yes please

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Sure, I’ll add u, thanks for signing up and don’t worry if u can’t make it

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And actually I’ll add their flight times and distance as well

I would like this one pls

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U have been added, thanks for signing up!

Can i have that please?:
|| New York City | KJFK | | Emirates | B777-300ER | @

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