[finished] 1AUG20 / 2100Z - Idaho Falls Fly-out @KIDA

KIDA is a regional airport in eastern Idaho with plenty of opportunities, If you fly just to the east you can find the grand Teton mountain range, to the south Bear Lake, to the west Desert, Canyons & Some far off mountain ranges, to the north you find beautiful mountains and lakes, now the best way to go in my opinion is Northwest, you will find mountain ranges with 10,000+ ft peaks in that direction.
This great airport serves much of the western United States on its commercial side, then on its GA side you can fly practically everywhere.




KIDA-KLAX Allegiant
KIDA-KIWA Allegiant
KIDA-KOAK Allegiant
KIDA-KSAN Allegiant
KIDA-KDEN United Express

Aircraft allowed



Cessna 208 grand caravan
Cessna 172

Airfield Information

Altitude- 4,744ft ASL
Runways- 3/21 9,002ft
17/35 4,051ft


Ramp A-8 GA
Ramp A-9 GA
Ramp A-7 GA
Ramp A-3 GA
Ramp A-2 GA
Ramp A-1 GA
Ramp C-1 GA
Ramp B-1 GA
Ramp B-2 GA
Terminal ramp 1 / commercial
Terminal ramp 2 / commercial
Terminal ramp 3 / commercial

Routes for gates

Terminal ramp 1 / Delta / CRJ-200/CRJ-900/737-800/737-900 /-KSLC/ -KMSP
Terminal ramp 2 / United Express / CRJ-200 / -KDEN
Terminal ramp 3 / Allegiant / A320 / -KLAX/-KIWA/-KOAK/-KSAN

Reserved gates are available 20 minutes after last reservation time, max of 2 reservations per gate.

Reserved Gates

Terminal ramp 1/ @Planeviation/ @Bobby_Burg 2120Z
Terminal ramp 2 / @DS2001/ next and last time available is 2120Z
Terminal ramp 3 / @juan_tavares / next and last time available is 2120Z

Event Details

Date- 19JUL20
Time- 2100Z
Server- Expert
Location- KIDA (Idaho falls regional airport)

Picture source.

Make sure to come, hope you enjoy! Make sure to reserve a gate!

Also VA sponsors would be highly encouraged.


Ill take this flight please! Ill be a 737-800 UNITED livery Terminal ramp 1 / commercial!

United doesn’t operate this route, I will be happy though to reserve it for you in a delta aircraft.

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That sounds good!

Cool, I will sign you up, make sure to push back no more than 20 min from spawn in case anyone else has signed up for that gate at 2120Z, basically if there is someone at the gate who has signed up and we have another person wanting to be at that gate they have to wait 20min form the last persons scheduled time.

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Ok I am bumping this topic, why? Because I have done these edits

Edits to the flyout

I have organized the flyout with hidden details
I have changed the date to more than 2 weeks away.
I have added a picture with a source.
I have a better way for signing up for the event
It’s just way more organized.

Hope you guys sign up and thanks for stopping by, weather details will come the day of the event. Happy Flying! juan Tavares:)

Can you please change that to local time?

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It’s supposed to be Zulu time but what is you’re local time zone?
If you reply I won’t be able to reply for the next 11h due to me sleeping.

Can I get terminal ramp 2 to KDEN svp

Yes you can, I will sign you up!, sorry for the late response I was sleeping.

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Shoot, sorry, mine = AEST

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It will be 9pm for you and you’re time zone, can you still come?

Thanks so much!

You’re very welcome 😀

My sign up. Terminal ramp 3 to KLAX in an Allegiant A320.

Just 8 days till the flyout!

1 more day folks, weather reports will be coming the day of the event.
Hope to see you there and know that there are still more slots open.

Weather report for the event.
DENSITY ALT. 8,246ft
PRESSURE 29.80 inhg

Hope you find this helpful, and don’t forget the event is today at 2100Z!

I will take the delta to MSP

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Okay awesome. Go in at 2120Z