Heya! Welcome to the “CYYZ 3D” Event! This is my first IFC Event; hope to see you sign up and join me on this adventure!

This event will be taking place between to huge cities, famous for their music (Alternative Rock), and of course, their airports (come on, can’t you agree?). The flight will be departing Seattle, Washington, United States, flying over Northern Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Northern Michigan, Western Ontario, and down into Toronto, Ontario. The aircraft in use for this flight will primarily be the Air Canada Airbus A220 and Air Canada Retro Airbus A220, though you may choose any aircraft you’d like!


Seattle is the tolerant and one of the most popular cities in the United States, with the primary hub for Alaska Airlines: Seattle Tacoma International (SEA/KSEA). The abstract city is known for their coastal views, with a short ride over to western Canada.


Toronto is the greatest city. While holding the weight of a glass, the city of Toronto is well known for being a Canadian metropolis with towering buildings, bustling streets and a phenomenal waterfront skyline dominated by the one and only, CN Tower. Not only that, but Toronto is famous for its ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as their remarkable airports: Billy Bishop and Pearson International (Which we’ll be flying to!)

About Mini

“Hey There! I’m Mini, an Aviation Enthusiast and Infinite Flight YouTuber from Toronto, ON, Canada; currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have the privilege of staffing Turkish Virtual Airlines (TKVA) as a supervisor, as well as frequently controlling the skies as an IFATC Specialist! This is my first IFC Event, and has been planned for a while. Hope to see you sign up and enjoy it!” :)

Server: Expert Server
Route: Seattle - Toronto
Flight Time: 3 Hours, 55 Minutes
Timing: 2021-12-18T00:00:00Z2021-12-18T03:55:00Z

Flight Plan
Planned Departure Runways: 16L & 16C
Planned Arrival Runways: 23 & 24R

Climb, Cruise, Descent Information
Climb Profile: 250/300/78
Cruising Altitude: 35,000 Feet (FL350)
Descent Profile: 78/300/250

Climb Information
From 0-10000 feet - 250 KIAS +2500 V/S
From 10000-28000 feet - 300 KIAS +1800 V/S
From 28000-35000 feet - Mach 0.78 +700 V/S

Descent Information
Use VNAV, copy the fpl from me (3D-YYZ is my callsign), or copy the flight plan above.

Fuel Tanks: 12,200 kg
Passengers: 94
Cargo: 3720 kg
Total: 60,000 kg (5 hours, 30 minutes)

I will be creating a YouTube video showcasing the highlights of the flight!
You’ll find my channel below:

Please sign up down below by reacting with “Going” and you’ll be assigned an Air Canada/Retro A220 Gate. If you’d like to fly a different airline and/or aircraft, please reply to this with your desired aircraft or simply PM @MiniYYZ and you’ll be assigned the one you’ve chosen. If all gates below are reserved, please PM me and I’ll assign you a gate :)

Air Canada / Retro Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot Notes
Gate S11 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Adhan Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S9 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Adventures Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S8 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Matt001 Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S7 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @MiniYYZ Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S5 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Alaska_298_super_YT Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S3A Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @RFS_Aviator Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S3 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @ran Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S2 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Aviator-Hadi Reserved For Discord Members
Gate S1 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Nee
Gate S16 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @IP-ERIC
Gate S15 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @jason
Gate S12 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @CP-Taher
Cargo 7-4 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @dhandaman
Cargo 7-1 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Canadian_Aviator
Gate A14R Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @CanadianNorth
Gate A14 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @JSRibs28
Gate A13 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @ILOVE7879-2.0
Gate A12 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Raptor_416
Gate A11 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Nayan.Kaushik
Gate A10 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Airborne_Canuck
Gate A8 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Dileep_patel
Gate A7 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @AlaskaAirfireball111
Gate A6 Air Canada BCS3 (A220) @Sueno43
Gate A5 Air Canada BCS3 (A220)
Gate A4 Air Canada BCS3 (A220)
Gate A3 Air Canada BCS3 (A220)
Gate A2 Air Canada BCS3 (A220)
Gate A1 Air Canada BCS3 (A220)

Air Traffic Controllers

I would love to have IFATC take part and control in the event. And so, If you’re an IFATC member and would like to control a specific frequency listed below, please let me know!

Seattle ATC
Frequency Controller
Toronto ATC
Frequency Controller

  • Spawn in around 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • All pilots must follow the Expert Server Rules.
  • If IFATC is Present, follow all instructions; I am not responsible for violations during the event.
  • If you’d like to change your aircraft and/or airline, please let me know.
  • Copy my flight plan prior to departure. Feel free to create your own!


May I have this gate?

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You got it! Hope to see you there!

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Ill take any gate!

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same, i’d like a gate too please!

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Amazing! Love the event! 3 AM for me but ill try attending! Ill take any gate! (im from Skylink & Rishi’s Server!

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Can I please take Gate S15? Will you make a PM for this? Thank you!

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Sure thing, thanks for signing up! I’ll PM those who RSVP in a day or so with the discord server link as that’s where we’ll be communicating.

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Awesome, Thank you!

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Hello everybody I’m excited to fly the A220 into CYYZ 3d just like everybody else and would love to be a part of this event after all I live in Toronto and cant let this opportunity pass by. Please sign me up and assign any gate :)

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OOoh yes please


Thank you for signing up!

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Hey I’m cant sign up because of timezones but I wanted to say that for your first event, This is a nice thread and a lot of people are attending too

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Thank you! Hope the times are suitable for events in the future ;)

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Thanks for organizing and letting me be a part of it. :)

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Could I get this gate please?

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i will take any gates as you wish ;)

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Something came up last minute and I can no longer attend this event. Maybe next time I will try and join.

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Can I take this Gate please!

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