[FINISHED] 17JUL20 / 1800Z - Spirit Of Reúnion Island! @ FMEE

Spirit Of Reúnion Island - July 17 2020


Description: Reúnion Island is a beautiful French owned island in the Indian Ocean with a unique sense of culture, vibes, and scenery. Just like Mauritius, the island gains a lot of tourists. However, the island is rarely represented in the media and not so often would see its national airline, Air Austral, making a stop into your local international airport. I’m sure you’ve rarely seen people use it in game too. Let us bring more attention to Air Austral and showcase the true spirit of Reúnion!

Event Information
Server: Expert
Time: 2020-07-17T18:00:00Z
Airport: Roland Garros Airport (FMEE)
Aircraft: 787-8, A380-800, 777-200LR
Airlines: Air Austral

Gate Assignments

Short Haul Routes (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Owner
1 Air Austral 787-8 Comoros (FMCH) 2 hrs, 34 mins @airplane2
2 Air Austral 777-200LR Antanarivo (FMMI) 1 hr, 35 mins @GameBoy_KIRB
Medium Haul Routes (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Owner
3 Air Austral 787-8 Johannesburg (FAOR) 4 hrs, 2 mins @Captain-787
4 Air Austral 787-8 Dar Es Salaam (HTDA) 3 hrs, 25 mins @Udeme_Ekpo
Long Haul Routes
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Owner
5 Air Austral 787-8 Chennai (VOMM) 6 hrs, 20 mins
6 Air Austral 787-8 Bangkok (VTBS) 8 hrs, 16 mins @OnthePlaneAgain
7 Air Austral 787-8 Guangzhou (ZGGG) 10 hrs, 23 mins
8 Air Austral A380-800 Paris (LFPG) 12 hrs, 7 mins
Custom Route Gates

Cargo gates will be used as extra gates incase others want to fly custom passenger routes. You are ALLOWED to tell me if you would like to change a cargo spot to fly Cargo.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Owner
Cargo 9 Air Austral 787-8 Dubai (OMDB) @Flying_Ryan
Cargo 10 Air Austral 787-8 Mayotte (FMCZ) @Pilot_Mss
Cargo 11 Air Austral A380-800 Antanarivo (FMMI) @orangePHdeaf
Cargo 12 Air Austral 787-8 Anywhere
Cargo 13 Air Austral 777-200LR Paris (LFPG)
Military Parking
Gate Aircraft Destination Owner
2 Any Military Anywhere
3 Any Military Anywhere
4 Any Military Anywhere
5 Any Military Anywhere
6 Any Military Anywhere
Remote Parking
Apron Aircraft Destination Owner
Tiedown 14 Any GA Anywhere
Tiedown 15 Any GA Anywhere
Remote 16 Cessna Citation Anywhere
Remote 17 Any GA Anywhere



We are using Runway 12 & Runway 32 for departure (unless told differently by an active IFATC), but you must back taxi in a reasonably timed manner to that runway and 180 for departure as there are no proper taxiways for these runways.

  • Please spawn in 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to file your flight plans.

  • Please maintain spacing with other aircraft on the ground, and demonstrate proper airmanship throughout all operations.

  • Please use Unicom responsibly during the event and actively listen to fellow pilots making their call for departure as the runways intersect one another.

Flight Planning:

You may create your own flight plans or use FPLtoIF.com !
You may calculate your flight time by using travelmath.com/flying-time/


Doesn’t Air Austral use the 777-200LR? They got the livery in IF… I just noticed it.


Thank you so much! I’ll add that in right now.

Were you interested in any gates?

If you have any other routes you would like to fly that aren’t real, you should pick a custom route gate!

Hmm… I’d like to take Gate 1
Comoros seems good.

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You have been added! Thank you for signing up! :)

Great looking event! Just a heads up if you’re trying to stay realistic Air Austral has the 787-8 not the -9 and they don’t have any A380s (even though it’s in IF). Again, this is just info it you want to be realistic, but feel free to do what you want with it!

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I will take this gate please thank you

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can i take gate 2

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Added you to the list!

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Added you as well!

Thank you. I am aware they no longer operate the A380 but I am using it for the event as it still has the Air Austral livery! But once again, thank you for catching that mistake I made, I appreciate it :)

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I will take this one. Looks like a fun event!

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Thank you for signing up!

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I can take the cargo gate 10

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Welcome to the IF Community! For Cargo gates, you can choose any destination you would like to fly to. Please let me know the destination & if you would like to use the Air Austral A380, 787, or 777-200LR :)

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Thank you ! I will use the B787-8 with a destination on FMCZ (Mayotte)

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Okay, I’ll add you in right now!

I think I can’t be able to come. I have something that day, sorry. You can take me off.