[FINISHED] 16MAY21 / 2100Z - Santiago ATC Event @ SCEL


Santiago International Airport - Arturo Merino will be the main stage, it will be fully equipped by ATC from 2100Z on 16 May. In addition, other airports were selected that offer flights with a maximum duration of 2 hours to Santiago, these are located on routes from the northern, eastern and southern sectors and will also be covered by ATC.

Do as you wish! You can choose to fly between the airports of the event, long flight to land during the event or takeoff to any destination. If you choose to fly between the airports of the event, it is recommended that you show up 15 minutes in advance to prepare your route, takeoff and have the flight completely accompanied by the control.

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Company Aircraft
JetSmart a320
LATAM Chile (LAN) b77F, b789, b767, a320, a319
Sky Airlines a320

Santiago (SCEL)

Elevation: 1,555’
Runway: 17L/35R: 12,311’ x 180’ | 17R/35L: 12,476’ x 148’

Destination FTe
SCFA 01:45
SCTE 01:20
SACO 01:00
SCIE 00:45

Antofagasta (SCFA)

Elevation: 455’
Runway: 01/19: 8,616’ x 164’ | 02/20: 5,417’ x 131’
Max Aircraft Size: 1 777

Destination FTe
SCIE 02:00
SCEL 01:30

El Tepual - Puerto Montt (SCTE)

Elevation: 293’
Runway: 17/35: 8,706’ x 148’
Max Aircraft Size: 1 DC10

Destination FTe
SCEL 01:30
SCIE 00:50

images (5)

Concépcion (SCIE)

Elevation: 26’
Runway: 02/20: 8,553’ x 148’
Max Aircraft Size: 1 DC10

Destination FTe
SCFA 02:00
SCTE 00:50
SCEL 00:45

images (6)

Córdoba (SACO)

Elevation: 1,604’
Runway: 01/19: 10,532’ x 148’ | 05/23: 8,083’ x 148’
Max Aircraft Size: 3 777

Destination FTe
SCEL 01:15

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Tower/ground - @Lucas_Nicolas
Radar - @Enrique_Fernandez


Tower/ground - @IFFM_Juanito
Radar - provided by center


Tower/ground - @Andres
Radar - provided by center


Tower/ground - @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
Radar - provided by center


Tower/ground - @DIEGO11
Radar - provided by center

Santiago/Mendoza/Cordoba Centers - @nicopizarro
Antofagasta Center - @Neto_Campelo
Puerto Montt Center - @TranX

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Amazing event with amazing scenery!


The city has one of the most beautiful views, thanks for the support!


Can’t wait for this event! :)

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Invite your entire community, let’s move this beautiful place!

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amazing event, good job :)

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Very good to have something to plan for! A great area to fly around, it should be a good event 😊 Nice event info too!

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The place is amazing, thanks for collaborating!

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It will be a pleasure to have you in this region of South America and thanks for the feedback!

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I wish a great event, I would love to participate but I am without live subscription… :(

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It’s really a shame you don’t have the live, but thanks for supporting the event!

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amazing event!! 😍

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Thanks! We wait for you there!

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There is a little more than 60 minutes to start the event…

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