(FINISHED)16JAN21 / 1000Z - The richest country in the world to the land of the pearls! Doha (OTHH) to Hyderabad (VOHS)

Doha, Qatar

Hyderabad, India

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I decided to make this event as it is from a place rich with oil to a land where pearls are common! You got it, Doha to Hyderabad! This is a route I have been planning to do for a long time so here it is!

I’ll put this on the expert server and if more people are wanting to join, I may change it to the training server!

The flight will be from Doha Hamad International (OTHH) to Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International (VOHS). You can choose any aircraft but I will be choosing Qatar Airways B787

The time will be 1000 A.M in London or 2021-01-16T10:00:00Z your time!

Gate signups for Doha!

Gate D04 : @MattTheMouse

Gate D02 : @Icengelbre

Gate E02 : @Ritesh321

Gate E04 : @Huzefa_Bohri

Gate E06 : @PocketRishi

Gate E08 : @modernaviator

Gate E10 : @samory167

Gate E12 : @Fung_Sum-sum

Gate E17 : @baselagab

Gate E15 :

Gate E13 :

Gate E11 :

Gate E09 : @IFINDIA

Gate E07 : @GladiatorAlpha

At Hyderabad, please park around me (@modernaviator).

Can’t wait to see you soon!


Sign me up!


Which server?

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Sign me up!

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Could you please put the airport ICAOs at the final of the title?

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Expert but I may change it to Training if there is more demand!

Can I sign up Gate E12?

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Would have wanted to joined but 5 am my time

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I’ll take any gate!

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Can you sign me up i will fly for 6EVA Also what aircraft?

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You can choose any! I’m choosing Qatar 787

sign me up!

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Seems like you got more demand just on the Expert Server!

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Sign me up as well please

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would love to join
but i cant
cuz my stupid iPad
cant even handle the IF 767

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I want to join in.


I can choose any aircraft right.

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Yes, you can! I’ll be choosing Qatar Airways 787!

@modernaviator could you sign me up?

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I would join if on training server

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