[FINISHED] 14FEB21 / 0100Z - San Francisco in Californian Fly Out with IFATC @ KSFO



San Francisco International Airport is an international airport 13 miles (21 km) south of downtown San Francisco, California, United States, near Millbrae, Burlingame and San Bruno in unincorporated San Mateo County. SFO Airport has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia.

SFO is the largest airport in Northern California and the second-busiest in California and on the Western Coast of North America, after Los Angeles International Airport. In 2017, it was the seventh-busiest airport in the United States and the 24th-busiest in the world by passenger count. It is the fifth-largest hub for United Airlines and functions as United’s primary transpacific gateway.

The focus of the event is to provide a variety of international flights from San Francisco, we also offer some domestic and cargo flights for anyone who wants.

Continue reading the details of the event, after that choose your flight and give a reply.

The event is in Fly Out mode, which means pilots must spawn at their gate at SFO Airport approximately 15 minutes before 01:00 UTC on 14 February (in San Francisco time zone it will be 05:00pm PST on 13 February / UTC -8), when pushbacks will start. Read the following information:

The headlands in use will be defined by METAR at the time of the event.

It is ideal that they add the departure procedure (SID) to the flight plan for better organization of the event.

Only the airline of each flight was made available, so the aircraft and the callsign are the pilot’s criteria.

PM will be sent to confirm flight STATUS, stay tuned!

KSFO Charts

Vau.Aero - https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/KSFO.pdf

This event will be controlled exclusively by ATC’s Expert from Infinite Flight. Expect realistic and organized traffic.

Ground Control: @MJP_27
Tower Control: @Plane-Train-TV
Radar Control: @Erik_Popescu
Center Control: @Neto_Campelo

Authorized by IFATC manager.

Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

International Flights
A Gates
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
A03 London (EGLL) British Airways [09:45] @Breno_Carvalho Estimated…
A12 Amsterdam (EHAM) KLM [10:00] @Jukker Canceled
A07 Paris (LFPG) Air France [10:30] @PATOU95 CONFIRMED
A09 Zurich (LSZH) Swiss [10:40] @JuhoV CONFIRMED
A11 Rome (LIRF) Alitalia [11:20] Estimated…
A05 Dubai (OMDB) Emirates Airlines [15:30] @steven_lowe1 CONFIRMED
A10 Doha (OTHH) Qatar Airways [15:15] @Johnny1 CONFIRMED
A08 Sydney (YSSY) Qantas [14:00] Estimated…
A06 Melbourne (YMML) Qantas [14:30] Estimated…
A04 Hong Kong (VHHH) Cathay Pacific [15:00] @Victor_Winter Estimated…
G Gates
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
G91 Istanbul (LTFM) Turkish Airlines [12:45] @champagnepapi CONFIRMED
G93 New Delhi (VIDP) Air India [15:00] @JPC CONFIRMED
G95 Singapore (WSSS) Singapore Airlines [16:00] @Joao_Christ CONFIRMED
G97 Manila (RPLL) Philippine Airlines [14:00] @Marquatzi CONFIRMED
G99A Taipei (RCTP) EVA Air [14:00] @Tulio_Costa CONFIRMED
G99B Tokyo HND (RJTT) United Airlines [11:00] @United749 Canceled
G101A Auckland (NZAA) Air New Zealand [12:30] @Tiago_777 CONFIRMED
G102 Auckland (NZAA) Air New Zealand [12:30] @if.minas CONFIRMED
G100 Hong Kong (VHHH) United Airlines [15:00] @MJP_27 Canceled
G98 Frankurt (EDDF) United Airlines [10:30] @The_Real_Plane_Spott CONFIRMED
G96 Munich (EDDM) Lufthansa [11:00] Estimated…
G94 Tel Aviv (LLBG) United Airlines [14:00] Estimated…
G92 Shangai (ZSPD) United Airlines [13:00] Estimated…
Remote Stand G103 Tokyo NRT (RJAA) Japan Airlines [11:00] Estimated…
Remote Stand G104 London (EGLL) United Airlines [09:45] @Murilo_Heindrich CONFIRMED
Remote Stand G105 Taipei (RCTP) China Airlines [14:00] @nandopimentell CONFIRMED
Domestic Flights
Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
C40 Las Vegas (KLAS) Southwest [01:10] @Frontierlover2242 Estimated…
C44 Orlando (KMCO) JetBlue [04:30] Estimated…
C48 Atlanta (KATL) Delta Airlines [4:00] Estimated…
C45B New York (KJFK) Delta Airlines [04:45] Estimated…
C43 Boston (KBOS) JetBlue [05:00] @Captain_Benjamin CONFIRMED
C41 Phoenix (KPHX) Southwest [01:30] @zion89 Canceled
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
D51A Seattle (KSEA) Allaska Airlines [01:30] @DeltaFox CONFIRMED
D52 Los Angeles (KLAX) Allaska Airlines [00:50] @Tre_Dior Estimated…
D54A Dallas (KDFW) American Airlines [02:50] @JetWig Estimated…
D55 Phoenix (KPHX) American Airlines [01:30] @shadow2 CONFIRMED
D56B Portland (KPDX) Allaska Airlines [01:20] @Aviation2929 Canceled
D58A Philadelphia (KPHL) American Airlines [04:30] @HSakavaras CONFIRMED
Terminal 3
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
F80 Chicago (KORD) United Airlines [03:20] @SsCaptain2311 CONFIRMED
F82 Denver (KDEN) United Airlines [02:00] @Marco_Rdz CONFIRMED
D86 Houston (KIAH) United Airlines [03:00] @Karma_CXG CONFIRMED
F89 Newark (KEWR) United Airlines [04:45] Estimated…
F87 Washington (KIAD) United Airlines [04:20] Estimated…
F85 New York (KJFK) United Airlines [04:45] @Matheus_duco CONFIRMED
F83 New York (KJFK) United Airlines [04:45] @Angel_Chappy CONFIRMED
Gate Destination Airline Flight Time Estimated Pilot STATUS
Cargo Apron 9-03 Paris (LFPG) Air France [10:30] Estimated…
Cargo Apron 9-04 Osaka (RJBB) ANA [11:30] Estimated…
Cargo Apron 9-05 Anchorage (PANC) Cargolux [04:15] Estimated…
Cargo Apron 9-08 Memphis (KMEM) Fedex [03:00] @Kauan_borowiak CONFIRMED
Cargo Apron 9-09 Hong Kong (VHHH) DHL [15:00] Estimated…


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Welcome to the event! The route already has your name on it.

I will provide Ground, Atis and Tower Frequencies for your event if it is featured. You can put me down for those :)

Nice post, and it’s at the best airport which makes it better!

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Yes, it is the airport of a wonderful place.

Yes, the event will have ATC and it will be you. Please report any changes to your schedule, please. @CaptainLeo1

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@InfiniteFlightBrasil the title says Feb 14th but in the event discription it says Feb 13th… issue.

It’s february 14th right?

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In ZULU/UTC Time - Feb 14 at 0100Z.

In San Francisco Time - Feb 13 at 5:00 pm PST.

That doesn’t make sense, those times don’t match up lol (I think).

But if it is February 13th I won’t be able to control. Sorry. — Also the event may not even get featured so who knows if ATC is even an option.

This event is authorized by the IFATC in relation to the presence of controllers regardless of the ATC schedule. @CaptainLeo1