[FINISHED] 13MAR22 / 1300Z - Haydentheavgeek & IF.Denmark Presents: The Massive Scandinavian Meetup! @ Scandinavia

Welcome To Scandinavia, a beautiful, scenic subregion in Europe! It can refer to Denmark, Norway and Sweden and sometimes Åland, the Faroe Islands, Finland, and Iceland. This is my first time collaborating with someone on an event and this time it’s with @Marcus_flyer1! He’s known as IF.Denmark on Instagram, make sure to follow him here, he’s a good friend of mine and he posts amazing Infinite Flight Shots on his Instagram!

This event features Copenhagen Airport, Stockholm ARN, and Oslo Gardermoen as the main hub(s), while the smaller airports in the region and some airports out of the region act as Secondary Airports. And yeah, I guess that’s all about the event!

Event Information

Event Details

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Any

Time and Date

Start Time: 2022-03-13T13:00:00Z
End Time: Unknown

Main Hubs
ICAO Airport Name City Country
EKCH 3D Copenhagen Airport Copenhagen Denmark
ESSA 3D Stockholm Arlanda Stockholm Sweden
ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Oslo Norway

Secondary Airports
ICAO Airport Name City Country
BIKF 3D Keflavik Airport Reykjavik Iceland
EFHK Helsinki Vantaa Airport Helsinki Finland
EPWA 3D Warsaw Chopin Airport Warsaw Poland
EVRA 3D Riga International Riga Latvia
ENVA Trondheim Vaernes Trondheim Norway
EKBI Billund Airport Billund Denmark
EPGD Gdansk Lech Walesa Gdansk Poland
EDDF 3D Frankfurt Airport Frankfurt Germany
ENTC Tromso Airport Tromso Norway
ENBR 3D Bergen Flesland Bergen Norway
EHAM 3D Amsterdam Schiphol Amsterdam Netherlands
EETN 3D Tallinn Lennart Meri Tallinn Estonia
ESSB Stockholm Bromma Stockholm Sweden
LSZH 3D Zurich Airport Zurich Switzerland

To Reserve Frequency(s), please comment on this topic or drop me a PM.

EKCH ATC (Controllers Needed)
Frequency Controller
ATIS @JSRibs28
Ground @JSRibs28
Tower @JSRibs28
Departure -
Approach -

ESSA ATC (Controllers Needed)
Frequency Controller
Ground -
Tower -
Departure -
Approach -

ENGM ATC (Controllers Needed)
Frequency Controller
Ground -
Tower -
Approach -

Center Frequencies (Controllers Needed)
Frequency Controller
Sweden Center -
Norway Center -
Kobenhavn Center -

If you would like to control any other Center Frequency excluding the ones listed above, don’t hesitate to comment on this topic or drop me a PM.

To Reserve A Gate, please comment on this topic or drop me a PM.

EKCH Gates (37 Gates Remaining)
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Notes Pilot
A4 London LHR 3D B738 SAS - @Haydentheavgeek
A6 Keflavik 3D A320 SAS - @yenier_Rodriguez
A7 Palanga CRJ9 SAS - -
A8 Oslo Gardermoen A319 SAS Retro Livery -
A11 Madeira 3D B738 Norwegian - @If.Greenland
A12 Amsterdam 3D A320 SAS - -
A14 Malaga B738 Ryanair - @Alexflies_yt
A15 Stavanger Sola CRJ9 SAS - -
A17 - - - Free Gate -
A18 Bergen Flesland 3D CRJ9 SAS - -
A20 Warsaw 3D B738 LOT - -
A21 London LGW 3D A319 Easyjet - -
A22 Frankfurt 3D A320 SAS - -
A23 Madrid 3D A321 Iberia - -
A25 Prague A319 Eurowings - -
A26 Geneva 3D A223 SWISS - @HoodieAviation
A27 Amsterdam 3D B739 KLM - @Jesse0409
A30 - - - Free Gate -
B3 Geneva 3D A320 Easyjet - -
B4 Venice Italy 3D A320 SAS - @Harrison_EGLL
B5 Edinburgh 3D B738 Ryanair - -
B6 Oslo Gardermoen B738 Norwegian - -
B7 Palma De Mallorca 3D A320 Vueling - -
B8 Billund CRJ9 SAS - -
B9 Stockholm ARN 3D B738 SAS - @Cihan37
B10 Keflavik 3D B752 Icelandair - @Connor.CHARLES
B17 - - - Free Gate -
C10 San Francisco 3D A333 SAS - @Marcus_flyer1
C26 Zurich 3D A320 SAS - @If.Beirut
C27 Istanbul 3D A321 Turkish Airlines - -
C28 Phuket A359 Thai Airways - -
C29 Beijing PEK 3D A333 Air China - -
C30 Vagar Faroe Islands A320 SAS - @KSM_King_Storm
C32 Washington IAD 3D A333 SAS - @Taco_Man
C33 Singapore 3D A359 Singapore Airlines - -
C34 Dubai 3D B77W Emirates - @NICOPILOT
C35 Doha 3D B788 Qatar - @Emma123
C36 Tokyo HND 3D A359 SAS - -
C37 Cancun B788 TUI - -
C39 Doha 3D A359 Qatar Occupied Free Gate @AV-AMAN
D1 Munich 3D A319 Lufthansa - -
D2 Zurich 3D A223 SWISS - -
D3 Riga 3D A223 airBaltic - @barrel
D4 Nice CRJ9 SAS - -
E22 Bangkok 3D A359 Thai Airways - -
E27 New York EWR A333 SAS - -
E33 Los Angeles 3D A333 SAS - @Martins
E36 Paris CDG 3D A223 Air France - @if_france
E82 Helsinki A321 Finnair - @Tom_Jennings
E85 Tallinn 3D A223 airBaltic - @Boris_Huang
E89 - - - Free Gate -
F1 Moscow SVO B739 Aeroflot - -
F4 Stockholm ARN 3D B738 Norwegian - -
F5 London LGW 3D B738 Norwegian - @IFWorldwideYT
F7 Dublin 3D B738 Ryanair - -
F8 Barcelona B738 Norwegian - @IF.NORWAY
F9 - - - Free Gate -
H102 Chicago A333 SAS - -
H105 Miami A359 SAS - -

ESSA Gates (54 Gates Remaining)
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Notes Pilot
1 Tallinn 3D A223 airBaltic - -
3 Frankfurt 3D CRJ9 SAS - -
4 London LHR 3D B738 SAS - -
5 Geneva 3D A223 SWISS - @Captain_Nicolas
6 Oslo Gardermoen A320 SAS - -
7 London STN 3D B738 Ryanair - -
8 Bergen Flesland 3D A320 SAS - -
9 Innsbruck A320 SAS - -
10 - - - Free Gate -
11 London LHR 3D A319 British Airways - -
12 Istanbul 3D A321 Turkish Airlines - -
13 Palma De Mallorca 3D A320 SAS - -
14 Malaga B738 Ryanair - -
15 Riga 3D A223 airBaltic - -
16 Zurich 3D CRJ9 SAS - @CaptainBailey_T
17 Barcelona 3D A320 Vueling - -
18 Lisbon A339 TAP Air Portugal - -
19 Madrid 3D A321 Iberia - -
20 - - - Free Gate -
31 Paris CDG 3D A320 Air France - -
32 Kiruna B738 Norwegian - -
33 Warsaw 3D B738 LOT - -
34 Helsinki A321 Finnair - -
35 Copenhagen 3D B738 Norwegian - -
36 Barcelona B738 Norwegian - -
37 Zurich 3D A223 SWISS - -
38 Frankfurt 3D A320 Lufthansa - -
39 Madeira 3D A320 SAS - -
40 Oslo Gardermoen B738 Norwegian - -
41 Liverpool B738 Ryanair - -
42 London LGW 3D A320 Easyjet - -
43 - - - Free Gate -
53 Dublin 3D A320 SAS - -
55 Bergen Flesland 3D B738 Norwegian - -
57 Alicante B738 Ryanair - -
60A Gran Canaria B738 TUI - -
62 Larnaca 3D B738 Norwegian - -
63 Brussels 3D CRJ9 SAS - -
64 Moscow SVO A320 Aeroflot - -
65 Amsterdam 3D B739 KLM - -
66 Keflavik 3D B752 Icelandair - -
67 Trondheim CRJ9 SAS - -
68 - - - Free Gate -
F28R Los Angeles 3D A359 Finnair - -
F32R Bangkok 3D A359 Thai Airways - -
F33R Doha 3D B788 Qatar - -
F36R Phuket B789 TUI - -
F39R - - - Free Gate -
103 New York EWR A333 SAS - -
104 Addis Ababa 3D B788 Ethiopian - -
109 New York JFK 3D A359 Finnair - -
110 Cancun B788 TUI - -
115 Phuket A359 Thai Airways - -
R5 Dubai 3D B77W Emirates - -
R6 Miami A359 SAS - -
R7 - - - Free Gate -

Since ENGM isn’t 3D in Infinite Flight, we don’t expect that much traffic in the airport so we decided not to have gate assignments for ENGM. Instead, we listed some of our favorite routes from ENGM that we’re sure you’ll love. Signing up isn’t required to fly from ENGM.

Destination ICAO Destination City Aircraft Airline Flight Time
LTFM Istanbul 3D A333/A321 Turkish Airlines 3:55
ENBR Bergen Flesland 3D B738/A320/A319/CRJ9 Norwegian/SAS 0:55
KEWR New York EWR A333 SAS 8:25
VTBS Bangkok Suvarnabhumi 3D A359 Thai Airways 12:30
ESSA Stockholm Arlanda 3D B738/A320/CRJ9 Norwegian/SAS 1:05
BIKF Reykjavik Keflavik 3D B738/B752 Norwegian/Icelandair 3:00
OTHH Doha Hamad 3D A359/B788 Qatar 6:30
ENTC Tromso B738/A320 Norwegian/SAS 1:55
LSZH Zurich 3D A223/A321 SWISS 2:20
EKCH Copenhagen 3D B738/A320/A319/CRJ9 Norwegian/SAS 1:10
EVRA Riga International 3D A223/B738 airBaltic/Norwegian 1:35
OMDB Dubai 3D B77W Emirates 6:45
EFHK Helsinki Vantaa A321/B738 Finnair/Norwegian 1:30

Of Course, if you’d like to fly other routes from ENGM, feel free to do so!

Spare Gates are basically gates for you spawn in in case your assigned gate has been taken by someone else.


Gate Max. Aircraft
A31 A321
A32 A321
A33 A321
A34 A321
E71 B77W
E74 B77W


Gate Max. Aircraft
G142 A321
G143 A321
G144 A321
G145 A321
R8 B77W
R10 B77W

  • Please spawn in to your assigned gate 10-15 Minutes Prior To Departure, and please start Pushing-Back 5 Minutes Before Departure Time.

  • If ATC aren’t present, please use UNICOM professionally.

  • Use ATC properly.

  • Stay professional at all times.

  • If you receive a violation(s), please do not blame us. You may try to appeal them by PMing @appeals.

Presented By: @Haydentheavgeek & @Marcus_flyer1
Main Banner Background Image: Thoughtco.com - Countries Of Scandinavia
Graphics & Design: @Haydentheavgeek
Gate List: @Haydentheavgeek
Event Thread: @Haydentheavgeek

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Extremely nice event with soo much detail and hard work! Unfortunately my sub will expire and is still a bit late for me
Good luck to the event😊


Add me for the San Francisco route!

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Sure Thing Markus!

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May I get CPH-AMS with KLM please?


Yes! We will reserve it for you!

Copenhagen - Palanga CRJ 900

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Done! See You There!

I would like to book this flight please, thanks !

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Done! See You There!

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Thanks mate ! :)

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May i have the Copenhagen-Dubai Emirates 777-300??


Done! See You There!

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Bumping This Topic Up!

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Sign up for a gate now before this event gets full!

add me to the Doha route please!😊


Sure Thing Emma! See You There!

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Add me on Malaga with Ryanair:)


Hi Alex! Would You like to fly from Stockholm or Copenhagen?

Attention Everyone!

We finally have ATC Service at EKCH! Thank You @JSRIbs28 for controlling GTS! And you, sign up for a gate now to not miss the fun!


Bumping This Topic Up!

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Sign up for a gate now before this event gets full!