[FINISHED] 13DEC20 / 1400Z - Repatriation flight between two opposite HUB @ YSSY

About Sydney Kingsford Airport


Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport is an international airport in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia located 8 km (5 mi) south of the Sydney city center, in the suburb of Mascot. The airport is owned by the ASX-listed Sydney Airport Group. It is the primary airport serving Sydney and is a primary hub for Qantas, as well as a secondary hub for Virgin Australia and Jetstar, as well as a focus city for Air New Zealand. Situated next to Botany Bay, the airport has three runways, colloquially known as the east-west, north-south and third runways.
Sydney Airport is one of the world’s longest continuously operated commercial airports and the busiest airport in Australia, handling 42.6 million passengers and 348,904 aircraft movements in 2016–17. It was the 38th busiest airport in the world in 2016. Currently, 46 domestic and 43 international destinations are served to Sydney directly.
In 2018, the airport was rated in the top five worldwide for airports handling 40–50 million passengers annually and was overall voted the 20th best airport in the world at the Skytrax World Airport Awards.


Server: EXPERT
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Flight Time : 4h45
Meeting time : 2020-12-13T14:00:00Z

Arrival time : 2020-12-13T19:20:00Z


Server: EXPERT
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Fligh Time : 16h40
Meeting time : 2020-12-13T20:00:00Z

Arrival Time : 2020-12-14T12:40:00Z


Qantas’ flight QF175 will take off on December 13, 2020, for a repatriation flight from Australia to France, this flight lasts a total of 24 hours and 25 minutes with a stopover in Perth.
All passengers will undergo a COVID-19 test at a Qantas-designated test provider within 24-48 hours before departure; the test is free, but a negative test result is of course needed in order to travel. In addition, face masks must be worn for the duration of the flight.
Qantas is also selling seats on the outbound Boeing 787-9 flights from Australia to London, Paris and Frankfurt.
Those flights begin at Sydney and make a stopover at Perth, under similar arrangements to the Dreamliner’s original Melbourne-Perth-London route.

Aircraft & Livrey: Boeing 787-9 Qantas

Departure Airport : Sydney (YSSY)

Stop-over Airport : Perth (YPPH)

Arrival Airport : Paris (LFPG)

Gate Pilote Callsign
Gate 1-25 @Baba Qantas 01FR
Gate 1-30 @hugo.fr Qantas 04FR
Gate 1-31 @captaintheo Qantas 31FR
Gate 1-32 @IFFR_SunZen Qantas 02FR
Gate 1-33 @ChrisSimu Qantas 841FR
Gate 1-34 @TomR_QVG586 Qantas 586VG
Gate 1-35 @ravihuybrechts Qantas 15FR
Gate 1-36 @Infinite_Flight_Bra1 Qantas 2746FR
Gate 1-37 @Infinite_Josh Qantas 467VG
Gate 1-50 @mayd12 Qantas 1205FR
Gate 1-51 @Errigal Qantas 466VG
Gate 1-53
Gate 1-54
Gate 1-57
Gate 1-58

Notmas : No more gates available

Gate Pilote Callsign
T1 Gate 143 @Baba Qantas 01FR
T1 Gate 146 @Hugo.fr Qantas 04FR
T1 Gate 147 @captaintheo Qantas 31FR
T1 Gate 148 @ChrisSimu Qantas 841FR
T1 Gate 149 @Robert_Thomas1 Qantas 421VG
T1 Gate 150 @InfiniteArya Qantas 175FR
T1 Gate 152 @Infinite_Josh Qantas 467VG
T1 Gate 153 @mayd12 Qantas 1205FR
T1 Gate 154 @Errigal Qantas 466VG
T1 Gate 155 @Captainflight Qantas 177FR
T1 Gate 156
T1 Gate 163
T1 Remote 160
T1 Remote 162
T4 Gate 13

Notams : No more gate available

If you would like to book a gate ; let us know in the comment

Thanks in advance to all person who attend at this event

Please Spawn 10 minutes before the start

This thread was made by : @Baba

Notams : You don’t have to make both flights, you can sign for one as well as for both. But you can make the both if you are available.

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Woww nice event I can’t wait !!


Nice ! Glad to see you onboard for this event !

Baptiste D. Preident & Founder

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Wow great event!

I hope a lot of people will be there, if I was still a Pro I would have gladly done this great repatriation flight!
Congrats and good luck bro


Thanks a lot, don’t worry we know the reason why you don’t have retake a pro subscription!

Baptiste D. President & Founder


2 new person have sign-up ; @Hugo.fr & @CaptainTheo

Glad to see you onboard for this event !


Our fabulous Deputy President @IFFR_SunZen have signed up for our event !

Thanks !


Thanks to @ChrisSimu for the sign up !


Thanks to @TomR_QVG586 for signing up on the first leg!

Baptiste D. - IFFR President & Founder

Alright Baptiste you convinced me I’ll sign up for the second part of the flight from YPPH.

Callsign: QVG421


Would like to book a gate, got notified by the QVG that we will be joining you for this event. Will be just on the YSSY to YPPH leg tho. callsign (QVG-586).


Glad to see you onboard for this event !

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Hope you go have an good an safe flight with us !

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Thanks to @Robert_Thomas1 for signing up on the YPPH - LFPG flight!, we go not forget to buy an orange from you ;)

Baptiste D. - IFFR President & Founder


Thanks to @ravihuybrechts for the signup, hope you go have a safe flight!

Baptiste D. - IFFR President & Founder

Can I take this one?

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Yes for sure ! Wich callsign would you like ?

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Idk my callsign is I-FBRA

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Is it possible for this flight to have a callsign with Qantas XXXXFR please ?

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Idk maybe Qantas 2746FR