[FINISHED] 10JAN21/1400Z-Malaysia Truly Asia@WMKK

Hi guys.For the first time,I will make my first event at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.We will start at KLIA and take flight to your destination.

Here is the information about the event:

  • Server : Expert Server
  • Airport : Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK/KUL)
  • Time : 2021-01-10T14:00:00Z

Here is the airport information.

Here is the gate information.

Main Terminal

A02|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Kota Bharu|
A03|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Alor Setar
A04|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Kuala Terengganu
A05|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Senai
A06|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Penang
A07|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Kuching
A08|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Miri
A09|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Bintulu
A10|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Kota Kinabalu
A11|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Sandakan
A12|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Singapore
A13|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Brunei
A14|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Jakarta
B02|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Surabaya
B03|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Bali
B04|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Medan
B05|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Manila
B06|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Bangkok
B07|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Hanoi
B08|B737|Malaysia Airlines|Ho Chi Minh
B09|B737|Malindo Air|Bali
B10|B737|Malindo Air|Jakarta
B11|B737|Malindo Air|Hanoi
B12|B737|Malindo Air|Ho Chi Minh
B13|B737|Malindo Air|Manila
B14|B737|Malindo Air|Hong Kong
B15|B737|Malindo Air|Macau
B17|B737|Malindo Air|Colombo
B19|B737|Malindo Air|Bengaluru
B21|B737|Malindo Air|Surabaya
B23|B737|Malindo Air|Laos

Satellite Terminal

C01|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Christchurch| @PocketRishi
C02|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Christchurch| @CaptainAzriq
C03|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Melbourne
C04|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|New Delhi
C06|Boeing 737|Garuda Indonesia|Jakarta| @nolan_brant12
C07|Airbus A320(Generic)|Royal Brunei Airlines|Brunei
C11|Airbus A320|Batik Air|Jakarta
C12|Boeing 777|Qatar Airways|Doha
C13|Airbus A320|Silk Air|Singapore
C14|Boeing 777|Emirates|Dubai| @Lyam23 C15|Boeing 787|Air India|Mumbai
C16|Boeing 777|Japan Airlines|Narita
C17|Airbus A380|Malaysia Airlines|Jeddah
C18|Boeing 777|ANA|Osaka Kansai
C21|Any(Narrow body)|Any|Any
C22|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Osaka Kansai
C23|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Seoul
C24|Boeing 777|Malaysia Airlines|Beijing
C25|Boeing 777|Malaysia Airlines|Shanghai
C26|Boeing 777|Malaysia Airlines|Taipei
C27|Airbus A380|Qantas|Sydney
C28|Boeing 777|Cathay Pacific|Hong Kong
C31|Boeing 747|Thai Airways|Bangkok
C32|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Auckland| @Rashya_Keitaro
C33|Airbus A350|Singapore Airlines|Singapore
C34|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|London
C35|Boeing 777|KLM|Amsterdam
C36|Boeing 777|British Airways|London
C37|Airbus A380|Malaysia Airlines|London
C38|Boeing 777|Malaysia Airlines|Paris

Cargo gates

F01|Boeing 777F|DHL|Tokyo Narita
F02|Boeing 747F|Cargolux|Luxembourg
F03|Boeiing 777F|FedEx|Guangzhou
F05|MD-11F|UPS|Tokyo Narita
F07|Boeing 777F|FedEx|Anchorage
F08|Boeing 777F|Lufthansa Cargo|Frankfurt

Others will added if you want.Give the aircraft, destination,airlines.

KLIA 2 Terminal(Narrow Body)

J01|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Sandakan
J02|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Kota Kinabalu
J03|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Tawau
J04|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Kuching
J05|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Bintulu
J06|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Miri
J07|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Penang
J08|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Langkawi
J09|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Brunei
J10|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Bangkok
J11|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Singapore
J12|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Jakarta
J13|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Surabaya
J14|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Medan
J15|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Phuket
J16|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Yangon
J17|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Laos
J18|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Phnom Penh
J20|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Colombo
J22|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hanoi
K01|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Ho Chi Minh
K02|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hong Kong| @Aviation2929
K03|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Manila
K04|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Cebu
K05|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Davao
K06|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Krabi
K07|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Kaohsiung
K08|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Macau
K09|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hyderabad
K10|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Kolkata
K11|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Kolkata
K12|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Shenzhen
K13|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Siem Reap
K14|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Yogyakarta
K15|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Makassar
K16|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Chennai
K18|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Chiang Mai
K20|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Aceh
K22|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Male(Maldives)
K24|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Palembang
P01|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pekanbaru
P03|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hua Hin
P05|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Bengaluru
P07|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Guangzhou
P09|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Guangzhou
P11|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hong Kong
P13|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Hong Kong
P15|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Jakarta
P17|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Jakarta
P19|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Surabaya
P21|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Surabaya
Q01|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Male
Q03|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Singapore
Q05|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Bangkok
Q07|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Bangkok
Q09|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Manila
Q11|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice
Q13|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice
Q15|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice
Q17|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice
Q19|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice
Q21|Airbus A320|Air Asia|Pilot Choice

KLIA2 Terminal(Widebodies)

P02|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Gold Coast
P04|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Sapporo
P06|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Seoul
P08|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Taipei
P10|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Sydney
P12|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Perth
Q02|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Tokyo Narita
Q04|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Tokyo Haneda
Q06|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Wuhan
Q08|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Shanghai
Q10|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Beijing
Q12|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Osaka Kansai
Q14|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Honolulu(via Kansai)
Q16|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Jeju| @Nick_Baumann
Q18|Airbus A330|Air Asia X|Fukuoka

Remote Stands

A51|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Los Angeles| @NuggetFornia
A52|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Los Angeles
A53|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|New York
A54|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|New York
B51|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|San Francisco
B52|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|San Francisco
B53|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Vancouver
B54|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Seattle
C52|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Brussels
C53|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Stockholm
C61|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Copenhagen
C72|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Helsinki
C73|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Moscow
C74|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|St.Petersburg
C81|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Istanbul
C82|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Lisbon
C83|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Madrid

If you want to join in,say the Gate number.


Can you give me a flight to Los Angeles?


Wait.I’m not finished setup yet.


Oh okay

Alright.You can sign in now.

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I’ve signed you up.

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Come on guys.Sign up now.

I decided to change the date and time so more people can join in

I’ll take this one!

Done signed you up.

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Nice event! Ill sign up around a week before the event so that I can choose a destinated based on IFATC schedule


C32|Airbus A350|Malaysia Airlines|Auckland

i’ll take this please!

Done signed you up

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I think I will sign up

What gate do you want?

any is good

I give you this gate.Is it okay.


Many gates still available.Sign up now.

yes thats perfect

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Alright.Good.See you at event.