(Finished!) 10 attending, sign ups closed (Plane and Pilot sponsored) Let’s fill up Missoula! | Flyout | @KMSO 071400ZJUL19

Hello IFC! Welcome to my first solo event I have made for the community! I am very excited to try hosting out one myself after having attending many incredible well organized events, taking notes, and using them for something like this.
About Missoula International
In my hometown of Missoula, Missoula International airport ranks third in passenger count in the state of Montana. It currently is served by six major Airlines:

  1. Alaska Airlines: Seattle, Portland
  2. Allegiant Airlines: Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Phoenix, Oakland
  3. American Airlines: Dallas, Chicago
  4. Delta Airlines: Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Atlanta (seasonal), Los Angeles (seasonal)
  5. Frontier Airlines: Denver (seasonal)
  6. United airlines: Denver, Chicago (seasonal), Los Angeles (seasonal), San Francisco (seasonal)
  7. FedEx: Great Falls

Time: 2019-07-07T14:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport: KMSO

Commercial Gates - look through the list of destinations above
Gate 1A - Frontier - @Jack_Q KDEN

Gate 1B - Allegiant - @anon45500775 KOAK

Gate 2A - United -

Gate 2B - United - @Fusion737Max KLAX

Gate 2C - Alaska - @Reid_Hickson KPDX

Gate 3A - Delta - @PlaneCrazy KATL

Gate 3B - Delta - @NathanD KSLC

Apron 1 -

Apron 2 - @Zak_Plant KGTF

General aviation
Since there are so many spots, we are just going to use the East ramps

East 01 - KGFK @Matthew_20204
East 02 - KDCA @baseball_inferno
East 03 - KMDW @PlaneGeek
East 04 - VFR @Airwolf
East 05 -
East 06 -
East 07 -
I will add more if these fill up👍

Runway 12/30 charts

There will most likely be no ATC at this event, so please use unicom appropriately. Runways in use will be announced day of (Lets hope for 12 and 26🤞). If you are flying to a destination please file a valid flight plan or through SimBrief.com - Virtual Flight Planning Solutions or Infinite Flight FPL Converter. Please reply if you see any errors in the thread.
I hope you can join me!

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510


I’ll take the United Gate to San Francisco! I’d like to use the CRJ7 though since we only have the Retro livery on the CRJ2. Thanks!

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@GlobalFlyer1 your signed up!

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I’ll take a DL E170 to LAX please. This is the first flyout event from my home state, can’t wait!


I’ll take a Delta Crj-200 to KSLC

Delta 737-800 to atlanta

Wish I could come but I’ll be in Canada irl during the time of the event

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The title needs to be updated also

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@NathanD @HadenJohnson @PlaneCrazy your signed up!


@HadenJohnson oh thanks and since the delta gates are full, I will put you at an apron👍

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Sign up!

This event is now Plane and Pilot sponsored!

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510


Ill take a gate to Oakland

@anon45500775 your signed up!
You are in the a320👍

Sign up!

Sign up! Just under a week until we takeoff, with just three commercial gates left!

I’ll take a GA gate to KGFK in a TBM

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@Matthew_20204 your signed up!

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I’ll take 1A to Denver, please.

@Niccckk your signed up! Enjoy the event! You are in the a320👍

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