{FINISHED} 09OCT20 / 1730Z - Farewell Of Qantas 744 YSSY-FAOR

Brought to you by @Finnishboy and @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME

About the 747-400.

About YSSY

About FAOR

-This event is going to be on ES (expert server).
-Qantas 747-400
-Flight time will be 12:00 to 14:00 hours, depending on winds
-You can copy the FPL from @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME (SeniorCaptainAftab) when at your gate
-Flight details:
-Cruise speed is mach 0.85.
-Cruise altitude is FL350 or 35 000ft.
-Climb and decent will be at your discretion.
-Flight plan will be modified so that we will fly over the shores of Antarctica
-Please spawn about 10 minutes before departure time

Now to the gates…

Gate Airline Aircraft Attendee
1-08 Qantas B744 @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME
1-09 Qantas B744 @Finnishboy
1-10 Qantas B744 @Jermaine_Edwards1
1-11 Qantas B744
1-24 Qantas B744
1-25 Qantas B744
1-30 Qantas B744
1-31 Qantas B744
1-32 Qantas B744
1-33 Qantas B744
1-34 Qantas B744
1-35 Qantas B744

More gates will be added if needed

We hope to see you there!

Sign me up my call name is jamma


Thank you, you will be added

Thanks for signing up!

@Jermaine_Edwards1 and @Finnishboy the flight is in 1hr and 20 mins :)

Spawn time @Jermaine_Edwards1 and @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME

Event Cancelled

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