[FINISHED] 09MAY21 / 1800Z - São Paulo Traffic ATC Event @ SBGR




Amid the beta phase of version 21.1, in the month of debut of the new IFATC system… The São Paulo International Airport - Guarulhos will be fully staffed with ATC from 1800Z on May 9 for at least 2 hours to be the focus of flights connecting other airports Brazilians served by ATC. And the best thing about it is being able to take advantage of the new 3D structures of GRU Airport. You are also welcome if you are not in the beta group.

Choose a good flight for this day and have a lot of fun flying over Brazil. We recommend that between 15 minutes before the event time at the chosen airport, then you will have time to take off and have the route completely covered by the control.

Continue reading the topic for more information.

Company Aircraft
Avianca/OceanAir a320, a318
Azul a320, e195
GOL b737, b738
LATAM Brazil (TAM) b77W, a359, a320, a319
Varig/Velog b772, MD11F
Webjet b738


São Paulo 3D (SBGR)

Elevation: 2,461’
Runway: 09L/27R: 12,128’ x 148’ | 09R/27L: 9,829’ x 148’ (deps - 09L/27R, landings - 09R/27L)

Destination FTe
SBBR 01:15
SBCT 00:45
SBGL 00:45
SBRJ 00:45

Rio de Janeiro GIG (SBGL)

Elevation: 28’
Runway: 10/28: 13,133’ x 148’ | 15/33: 10,423’ x 154’ (deps - 10/33, landings - 28/15)

Destination FTe
SBBR 01:15
SBCT 01:00
SBGR 00:45

images (3)

Rio de Janeiro SDU (SBRJ)

Elevation: 10’
Runway: 02L/20R: 4,103’ x 98’ | 02R/20L: 4,322’ x 138’ (all operations on 02R/20L, 02L/20R closed)

Destination FTe
SBBR 01:15
SBCT 01:00
SBGR 00:45

images (4)

Curitiba (SBCT)

Elevation: 2,989’
Runway: 11/29: 5,903’ x 148’ | 15/33: 7,276’ x 148’ (all operations on 15/33, 11/29 closed)

Destination FTe
SBBR 02:00
SBGL 01:00
SBRJ 01:00
SBGR 00:45

images (1)

Brasília (SBBR)

Elevation: 3,498’
Runway: 11L/29R: 10,480’ x 148’ | 11R/29L: 10,796’ x 148’

Destination FTe
SBCT 02:00
SBGL 01:15
SBRJ 01:15
SBGR 01:15



Tower/ground - @GBKarp
Approach - @Neto_Campelo


Tower/ground - @Claudio_Torres
Approach - @TranX


Tower/ground - @Lucas_Nicolas
Approach - @TranX


Tower/ground - @Andres
Approach - @nicopizarro


Tower/ground - @CrusherTaco
Approach - @DIEGO11

Brasília/Curitiba Centers - @JetSuperior5192

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ohhhh great event, it will be very good !!!


Thanks for the support! We are looking forward to generating this traffic.

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another amazing IFBR event 😍

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It will be a pleasure to provide ATC service on this great day!

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It will be incredible to see you with us on the day!

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Thank you for supporting us, Brazil thanks you!

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nice event guys! lets goo!

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Yes, many options for flying. Do you have any idea which flight you’re going to take?

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Can someone recommend A nice route to SBGR from the above mentioned Airports,Thanks!😀

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This is certainly a good route to fly even with the new 77W from LATAM Brazil.

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Certainly a flight to Rio de Janeiro will meet your expectations for a beautiful view. You would be able to fly full route from SBGR to SBRJ or SBGL.

Okay,Thank You what will the equipment be?

It is in the description of the event. ;)

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please book Rota Brasília (SBBR) - Guarulhos (SBGR), thank you.😃👍🏼

Thank you for your interest! The choice is free to fly at the airports of the event, do as you wish.

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@AvioesEJogos this is for you
Wow! Looks exciting…
Though I can’t join


That’s right! @AvioesEJogos explore 3D GRU under IFATC control hehe

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Looking forward to participate :)

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