(FINISHED) 09JUL20 / 1900Z - Fill up the French Quarter @ KMSY

Hosted by: @reer104 & @Pajd02

New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to the Bayou! As the Cajun French say, “Laissez le bon temps rouler!” or “Let the good times roll!” Why not get a cup of seafood gumbo or crawfish before the Saints game? You’ll know you’re in the Superdome when you hear “The Saints Go Marching In”. Be sure to check out Jackson Square and the rest of the famous French Quarter. For my first ever event, I am hosting a flyout from New Orleans, the crown jewel of the Louisiana Bayou. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is located in Kenner, Louisiana, just 11 miles west of downtown New Orleans. It rests on the banks of the Mississippi River named after the famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong who was from New Orleans. It has multiple international flights to both Central America and Europe. Join us on this great adventure down south!


Louis Armstrong International Airport

New Orleans, LA

This event is sponsored by SWVA!

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All SWVA pilots will receive a 2.5x hours multiplier for participating in this event


Server: Expert
Date & Time: 2020-07-09T19:00:00Z

Please be respectful towards all fellow pilots and keep the standards of the Expert Server high. This event is on the IFATC schedule and WILL have IFATC present, hopefully from Ground to Center. Please follow all instructions given.

Runway assignments will be given on the day of the event. I will make a PM for all participants 3 days before the event for communication purposes.

Terminal Layout


Concourse B (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
B02 Southwest 737-700 Dallas (Love Field) 1:10 @Big_Elijah
B04 Southwest 737-700 Phoenix 2:50 @Bmh06
B05 Southwest 737-700 Atlanta 1:00 @anon41771314
B07 Southwest 737-700 New York (LaGuardia) 2:45 @anon79257371
B08 Southwest 737-700 Oakland 4:00 @Liam_McAtee
B09 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas 3:15 @Seth_N
B10 Southwest 737-700 Los Angeles 3:45 @Saharsh
B11 Southwest 737-700 Chicago (Midway) 1:50 @ORD777flyer
B12A Southwest 737-800 Phoenix 2:50 @Udeme_Ekpo
B12B Southwest 737-700 Tampa 1:10 @M_Hartwich
B15A Southwest 737-800 Baltimore 1:30 @TylerShah
B15B Southwest 737-700 Denver 2:30 @RoBroStar
Concourse C (2 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
C01 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City 3:25 @Jafet_Zuniga
C02 Allegiant Air A320-200 Cincinnati 1:30 @Marcel001
C03 Alaska Airlines A320-200 Seattle 4:40 @Alaska170
C04 jetBlue A320-200 Boston 2:40 @Lufthansa2
C05 jetBlue A321-200 New York (JFK) 2:30 @KSS
C06 American A321-200 Charlotte 1:30 @Pajd02
C07 American A320-200 Miami 2:15 @AviatorNikola
C08 American 737-800 Chicago (O’Hare) 2:00 @Populeux_Music
C09 American A320-200 Dallas (Fort Worth) 1:10 @Arming_Laurent
C10 American 737-800 Los Angeles 3:45 @DeltaCs100
C11 British Airways 777-200ER London (Heathrow) 8:30 @Delta07
C12A American A320-200 Miami 2:00 @Weezie
C12B Frontier A320-200 Denver 2:30
C15 Spirit A320-200 Austin 1:10 @anon74260613
C16 Spirit A321-200 Orlando 1:25 @ZinZowe
Concourse D (2 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
D01 Air Canada CRJ-900 Toronto 2:45 @Collins4486
D02 Delta 737-800 Atlanta 1:00 @KennedyTurner
D03 Delta 717-200 Detroit 2:25 @Cdt_Aupetit
D04 Delta 737-800 Los Angeles 3:45 @CPT_Bambi
D05 Delta 737-800 Minneapolis - St. Paul 2:40 @VulicityHD
D06 Delta 737-900 Salt Lake City 3:40 @Captain_T_Malone
D07 United A320-200 Chicago (O’Hare) 2:00 @Dylan.Winklosky
D08 United A320-200 Denver 2:30 @Johndavis10
D09 United CRJ-700 Houston - Intercontinental 1:00
D10 United A320-200 Newark 2:45 @Stellar_G
D11 United A320-200 San Francisco 4:15 @CaptainZac
D12 United CRJ-700 Washington (Dulles) 2:10


Cargo Aprons (1 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 01 FedEx 777-200F Memphis 0:55 @Daniel_Steinman
FedEx Cargo Apron 02 FedEx MD-11F Fort Lauderdale 1:35 @AnonymouslyAnonymous
FedEx Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD-11F Tampa 1:15
UPS Cargo Apron UPS A330-200F Louisville 1:20 @Johhhn
DHL Cargo Apron DHL 757-200 Cincinnati 1:55 @airplane2
Cargo Apron 01 UPS 757-200 Miami 1:40 @shenx91
Cargo Apron 02 DHL 757-200 Houston 0:55 @Shaeden_Talo
Maintenance Hangar DHL 208 Caravan Albany (GA) 1:45 @FlyCymru101
GA (Full)
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA Apron 01 737-700 BBJ Westhampton Beach (KFOK) @NYFLFlyer22
GA Apron 02 737-700 BBJ Miami (KMIA) @Spike71
GA Apron 03 737-700 BBJ Jacksonville (KJAX) @The_Homeless_Dorito
Hangar 01 Cirrus SR22 Gulf Shores (KJKA) @GameBoy_KIRB
Hangar 02 AA CRJ-700 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @Oliver_Willis
Hangar 03 737-700 BBJ New York - LaGuardia (KLGA) @CaptainKyler
Hangar 04 737-700 BBJ Bloomington/Normal (KBMI) @WheelerAviation
Hangar 05 Citation X Charlottesville (KCHO) @NathanD
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 01 TBM-930 Gulf Shores (KJKA) @WestCoastAviator
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 02 TBM-930 Fort Lauderdale (KFXE) @Steven_Duvall
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 03 Citation X Albuquerque (KABQ) @Nightstalker
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 04
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 05
FBO Signature Flight Support MSY 06
FBO Atlantic Aviation 01
FBO Atlantic Aviation 02
FBO Atlantic Aviation 03
FBO Atlantic Aviation 04
FBO Atlantic Aviation 05
FBO Atlantic Aviation 06

GA gates are pick your own route/aircraft. More GA gates will be added if needed.
All flight times are estimates.






Thanks for checking out my event! Be sure to grab a gate!


Can I get C11 to Heathrow please? Also, can you switch it to a 772 ( for obvious reasons lol) if possible? Thanks

Sure thing!

New Signup @Delta07 BA 777-200ER to London! Gate C11


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Hey @reer104 I’m from New Orleans, you can sign me up for any 737 flight out of the D gates.

Just some info on the airport, it was recently renovated and we have a new terminal. The terminal which is currently in game is no longer used. In that terminal though, the odd numbered gates in the D concourse were for United, and the evens were for Delta.

Also for D09 Can you specify which Houston airport? There are 2.

Yes, I know about the renovated terminal and that the old one is no longer in use however since that isn’t in IF, I tried to go off of the information for the old terminal. I didn’t know about the alternating gates between United/Delta tho. For gate D09 since that block is United I figured most people would assume KIAH since that’s the United hub and the most reasonable place for a United CRJ-700 to fly from KMSY but just to clarify, the Houston airport for D09 is KIAH. I’ve fixed it to the specific airport.

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@KennedyTurner Would you like that gate?

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I’ll take D02

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OHHHH! You know im going to this!! Can I take B02 to Dallas please? Maybe we can get @anon79257371 to this event.


Great event in my hometown. Can I have this gate?

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New Signups! @anon79257371 @Big_Elijah @KennedyTurner

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Hello can I please have this one

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New Signup! @shenx91 UPS 757 to Miami, Cargo Apron 01


Hey co-host, can I get this one?

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of course!

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yo yo lemme get C09

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New Signup! @Arming_Laurent American A320 to Dallas/Fort Worth! Gate C09

Let’s get some sign ups!

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Still a lot of great gates to be filled!

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ Me please :) to atlanta

Of course! @anon41771314 Gate B05 Southwest 737 to Atlanta!

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