[FINISHED] 07SEP22 / 1700Z - Brazil Independence Day 200th Anniversary! @ SBGR, SBGL, SBBR, SBSV, SBRF

It is cultural that the Brazilian community gathers on this day to celebrate one of the most important dates in our country, the Independence Day of Brazil. The proclamation of freedom took place on September 7, 1822, on the banks of a river located in the current city of São Paulo. However, the capital and seat of government are currently in Brasilia, but the country had several seats before breaking away from Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and others. Some of these cities are also represented at the event, such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife. This year specifically, as the banner indicates, this historic day will complete 200 years, it is a great privilege to experience it.

The focus is to generate outbound and inbound traffic or between the main airports of the mentioned cities, whether on national or international flights. The options are numerous.

The information box below shows all aircraft from Brazilian companies available on the IF.

Company Aircraft Callsign
Avianca Brasil A318, A320 “Ocean Air”
Azul E195, A320, A339 “Azul”
GOL B737, B738 “Gol”
LATAM Brazil/TAM A319, A320, A321, A359, B77W “Tam”
Varig/Varig Log B772, MD11F “Varig”/“Velog”
Webjet B738 “WebJet”

Airports Charts Source: AIS Brazil Website (“AISWEB”)

São Paulo (3D) (SBGR)

Elevation: 2,461’
Runway: 09L/27R: 12,128’ (3700m) x 148’ (45m) | 09R/27L: 9,829’ (3000m) x 148’ (45m) (deps - 09L/27R, landings - 09R/27L)

IFC Guide: São Paulo-Guarulhos Intl. Airport Guide - SBGR

Charts: SBGR Charts.zip - Google Drive

Destination FT
SBBR * 01:15
SBRF * 02:45
SBGL * 00:45
SBSV * 02:00
Other Destinations 3D FT
SBEG * 03:10
SBPA * 01:40
SBPS * 01:50
SBRJ 00:45

Rio de Janeiro (3D) (SBGL)

Elevation: 28’
Runway: 10/28: 13,133’ (4000m) x 148’ (45m) | 15/33: 10,423’ (3180m) x 154’ (47m) (deps - 10/33, landings - 28/15)

Charts: SBGL Charts.zip - Google Drive

Destination FT
SBBR * 01:15
SBRF * 02:30
SBGR * 00:45
SBSV 01:45
Other Destinations 3D FT
SBEG 03:10
SBKP 01:00

Salvador (SBSV)

Elevation: 66’
Runway: 10/28: 9,859’ (3003m) x 148’ (45m) | 17/35: 4,990’ (1518m) x 148’ (45m) (all operation on 10/28, 17/35 only GAs)

Charts: SBSV Charts.zip - Google Drive

Destination FT
SBGR * 02:00
SBGL 01:45
SBBR * 01:45
SBRF 01:00
Other Destinations 3D FT
SBKP 02:30
SBRJ 02:10
SBPS 01:00

images (10)

Recife (3D) (SBRF)

Elevation: 33’
Runway: 18/36: 9,865’ (3007m) x 148’ (45m)

Charts: SBRF Charts.zip - Google Drive

Destination FT
SBBR * 02:15
SBGL * 02:30
SBSV 01:00
SBGR * 02:45
Other Destinations 3D FT
SBEG 03:40
SBFN 01:15
SBKP 03:00
SBRJ 02:50

images (12)

Brasília (3D) (SBBR)

Elevation: 3,498’
Runway: 11L/29R: 10,499’ (3200m) x 148’ (45m) | 11R/29L: 10,827’ (3300m) x 148’ (45m)

Charts: SBBR Charts.zip - Google Drive

Destination FT
SBRF * 02:15
SBGL * 01:15
SBSV * 01:45
SBGR * 01:15
Other Destinations 3D FT
SBEG * 02:50
SBKP 01:20
SBPA * 02:40
SBPS 01:30
SBRJ 01:30

Routes with a " * " are operated with the A321 Latam, a livery long awaited by us that arrived in the last update!
Search for other routes at flightconnections.com, flightradar24.com or flightsfrom.com



Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z
Approach (SBSP/SBGR)


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z
Approach (SBGL/SBRJ)


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z


Frequency Time Controller
Brasilia ???Z → ???Z

Secondary Airports


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z

Additional Airports


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z
Approach (SBGL/SBRJ)


Frequency Time Controller
Tower ???Z → ???Z
Approach (SBSP/SBGR)

Our partners, thank you all for supporting this event!


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“A phrase exclaimed by Dom Pedro I on the banks of the Ipiranga River, when independence was proclaimed. September 7, 1822.”

Credits: @JPC & @Fellipe_Eduardo

Best event of the year!! I love it 😻


Another great independence event, hope it can be as good as the last! 🇧🇷


Hello, I would like to do SBRF-SBBR-SBRF, thank you.

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Great choice of flights! (Remembering that we are not booking routes/gates for this event.)


Ah ok, Nice!

Can I fly an American Airlines B789 from SBGR-KDFW please

Yes, it will be great to welcome you here!

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thank you so much!

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Am I allowed to fly Air Force one there

Yes you can! It will be even better if you are simulating a flight that has already happened, but it is ok if it is fictional.


Sorry I can’t come due to school But have a nice event and flight Pilots

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This event is on my birthday and I will try and come by. Whether as IFATC or as a pilot


Will be Very welcome!

From here there is some useful information about the airports:

Let’s move our dear Brazil!!😃✈️🇧🇷

I will love to participate


Such a nice event ! AZU

And shoutout for the topic, it’s really appealing ! :)

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Change of plans, I’m leaving Guarulhos, I’m going to Brasília, then I’m going to Recife, now you ask, I use blue stacks, what do you recommend me to do?

Because Blue stacks have a atc bug.