[FINISHED] 05JUL21 / 2230Z & 07JUL21 / 2230Z- 26 3D airports Event; WEEK01 @ KLAX - KSFO & KSFO - KDEN

@shayaanahmed247 You haven’t formatted this correctly according to the title rules pinned in the Events Category

I don’t understand what you mean

Here is the example Misha provided:

18APR20 / 1900Z - Good Old Times @ KNUC to KLAS

This one is already taken, should I give the one beside it which is F84

Can I have a link for it

Please refer to this post for all information needed on how to name your event posts

But what I tried to do was put two events in one topic

What you could do is come up with a good title using the format. Maybe try something like “The Double Event”? But as for the route information, that is to be listed in the post description.

Yeh ik I could do that but I have something else I have thought of. Read my the first paragraph in my description to know what it is all about, then tell me how do I make it better plz

I would like both please

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There u go

I fixed it, is that better

Still doesn’t match the format, but that is better than before.

I’m not seeing the issue here. Maybe we are being a bit over-critical

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Thx, can u tell me how do I find an atc

yeah sure ill take F84

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There u go done

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sign me up

For both of them?

Can I have 46A for KLAX-KSFO please?

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