[FINISHED] 05JUL21 / 2230Z & 07JUL21 / 2230Z- 26 3D airports Event; WEEK01 @ KLAX - KSFO & KSFO - KDEN

This summer I have decided to fly to every single 3D airport in infinite flight so far with out ANY non 3D-airport in between. I thought it would be a bit boring to do it alone, so I decided to make an event for this. This way, we can make the expert server a bit more bussier again.

So the first flight is from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a Southwest 737 on Monday 05 July from 10:30pm zulu to about 12:00am

We will fly from San Francisco to the mile high city, Denver on a Frontier A320 on Wednesday 07 July from 10:30pm zulu to about 01:15am

That is this weeks events

Server: Expert

  1. KLAX - KSFO
    Southwest B737

  2. KSFO - KDEN 2021-07-07T22:30:00Z2021-07-08T01:15:00Z
    Frontier A320

KLAX gates finished:
T4 gate 41 - @SA247
T4 gate 43 - @Elvis_Rufus_Baijuka
T4 gate 45 - @HUMVEE
T4 gate 47A- @InfiniteFlight_Shots
T4 gate 47B- @infiniteflightdr-IG
T4 gate 49A- @AviatorRyan
T4 gate 49B- @Captain-Baddywolf
T4 gate 48X- @IFLA222
T4 gate 48A- @calithekidd
T4 gate 46C- @Olegend049
T4 gate 46B- @Tate_Wang
T4 gate 46A- @Shamrock1AKHeavy
T4 gate 42B- @Ikaika_Boi808
T4 gate 42A- @Dead_SauceFlight
T4 gate 40 - @Potato-Internet

KSFO gates:
T3 gate F81 - @SA247
T3 gate F83 - @Elvis_Rufus_Baijuka
T3 gate F85 - @RhendyAvGeek
T3 gate F87 - @Patricksammonyt1
T3 gate F87 - @HUMVEE
T3 gate F89 - @Pimpo_Arg
T3 gate F90 - @IFLA222
T3 gate F88 - @calithekidd
T3 gate F86 - @Tate_Wang
T3 gate F84 - @JRC_Adventures
T3 gate F84A-
T3 gate F82 - @Noobygamer2718
T3 gate F80 -

Next event: [Event Over]

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4l2sTuete0utlKraTMDEjQ

Any new update with new 3D buildings will not be added to the route

Any violations by ATC will not be my responsibility, just listen to atc, you will be fine

If there is no ATC plz do not spam the UNICOM as no one likes it

And have fun : D


Great event. Exciting. Will fly.

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Thx, should I sign u up for both events @Elvis_Rufus_Baijuka

I’ll take this one

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Sure, this to KSFO - KDEN
Do u also wanna gate in KLAX @RhendyAvGeek

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I’ll have this!

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KSFO-KDEN please

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And this one for san fran

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Here for the LAX

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There u go, done

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I take this plis!

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There u go,T3 gate F89 at at SFO

I’ll be willing to fly some of those! Give me a gate for the first one 👌🏼

I think you’ll have to add Dublin, Zurich, Halifax and other 3D airports if 21.3 comes soon! 👀

It depends when the update is coming out, it is probably coming out in a month or two, so I probably won’t add them

So u want the gate in Los Angeles right

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Yup, LAX, thanks

K, I signed u up.
Do u also want me to sign u up for the SFO gate

Not now, I have to know first what will I do that day

Give me a gate for KLAX. Happy to join :)

There u go

Can I take this one it is a southwest 737-800 right?