[FINISHED] 03OCT20 / 1300Z - The New England Flyout @KBDL & @KBOS!

Yes that would be awesome, for some reason the 747-8F isn’t compatible with any gate at KBDL :/

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Perfect!! (10 chars)

Okay! Signups are closed! Enjoy the event everyone!

Wait is it the FedEx 10 gate I spawn at?

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You can if you’d like!

Nah I’ll just use one of the regular cargo aprons, more realistic ;)

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I am also aiming to progressive taxi everyone for Boston realism!

Sounds like a plan :D

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Just landed in ELLX, was a greaser but for some reason my aircraft pulled to the left a lot and I went off the runway before I could regain control :/ Thanks for the great flyout! :D

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I’m glad you enjoyed your flight!

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