[FINISHED] 03OCT20 / 1300Z - The New England Flyout @KBDL & @KBOS!

Welcome to the New England Flyout!! 🏞️🏞️

Bradley Airport Board Targets Seattle, Phoenix, Caribbean In 2019; May  Consider Name Change | CT News Junkie

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🛫 Welcome to the Two Hubs of New England🛬

Bradley International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport
Event Details 🛫 🛫

Server: Expert Server
Airport: Bradley International Airport (KBDL) HUB & Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Time: 2020-10-03T14:00:00Z (Local to your timezone)

Why New England?

New England is largely underestimated when it comes to its airports. With competitions like New York JFK and Newark, it is truly difficult to have great traffic. However, serving six states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) Bradley International Airport and Boston International Airport are crucial to transporting over 15 million residents to somewhere that is hotter than the Northeast :)
Boston Airport Transportation

All Routes & Destinations

Bradley International Airport will include ALL gates
Boston Logan International Airport will include SOME gates

Bradley International Airport (Passenger)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
01 Air Canada Dash-8 Q400 Toronto (CYYZ) 1:00
02 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 Orlando (KMCO) 3:00
03 JetBlue Airbus A321 Orlando (KMCO) 3:00
04 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 Fort Myers (KRSW) 3:10
05 JetBlue Airbus A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 3:10 @MJP_27
06 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 Denver (KDEN) 4:15
07 Aer Lingus Airbus A321 Dublin (EIDW) 6:15
08 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
09 Delta Airbus A319 Minneapolis (KMSP) 3:00 @Delta_Dave
10 Delta Boeing 737-900 Atlanta (KATL) 2:25
11 Delta Embraer 170 Chicago (KORD) 1:50
12 Delta Airbus A321 Detroit (KDTW) 1:30
20 United Airbus A320-200 Chicago (KORD) 1:50
21 United Airbus A320-200 Denver (KDEN) 4:15
22 United Boeing 737-700 Houston (KIAH) 3:30
23 Frontier Airbus A321 Raleigh Durham (KRDU) 1:30
24 Frontier Airbus A321 Burlington (KBTV) 0:30
25 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX) 6:30
26 Spirit Airbus A320-200 Myrtle Beach (KMYR) 1:55
27 American Airlines Airbus A320-200 Charlotte (KCLT) 2:00
28 American Airlines Airbus A320-20 Philadelphia (KPHL) 0:45
29 American Airlines Airbus A321 Washington (KDCA) 1:15
30 American Airlines Airbus A321 Dallas (KDFW) 3:35
Bradley International Airport (Cargo / Misc)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
FedEx Feeder 01 FedEx Cessna Caravan C208 New York (KEWR) 0:45
FedEx Express 02 FedEX Boeing 777F Indianapolis (KIND) 1:25
FedEx Express 03 FedEX MD11F Memphis (KMEM) 2:15
DHL Express 01 Cargolux Boeing 747-8F Luxembourg (ELLX) 7:30
UPS 01 UPS A330-200F Louisville (KSDF) 2:00
UPS 02 UPS A330-200F Chicago (KRFD) 1:45
UPS 03 UPS MD11F Albany (KALB) 0:30
Hardstand 01 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
Hardstand 02 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
Hardstand 03 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
Hardstand 04 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
Connecticut ANG 10 Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130H Moody AFB (KVAD) 2:30
Connecticut ANG 12 - F-16C New Orleans (KMSY) 1:00
Connecticut ANG 07 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
Connecticut ANG 03 Pilot’s Choice! - - -
International Arrivals 01 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 London Heathrow (EGLL) 6:30
Boston Logan International Aiport TERMINAL A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
A1 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Nashville (KBNA) 1:40 -
A3 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Chicago (KMDW) 1:40 @ORD777flyer
A5 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Baltimore (KBWI) 1:15 -
A7 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Denver KDEN) 4:15 -
A9 Delta Embraer 170 New York (KJFK) 0:45 @saam
A11 Delta Embraer 170 Raleigh Durham (KRDU) 2:00 -
A13 Delta Boeing 767-300ER London Heathrow (EGLL) 6:15 -
A15 Delta Airbus A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) 6:00 -
A16 Delta Airbus A321 Atlanta (KATL) 2:40 -
A18 Delta Boeing 737-800 Detroit (KDTW) 1:40 -
A20 Delta Airbus A319 Minneapolis (KMSP) 3:15 -
A22 Delta Boeing 737-900 Salt Lake City (KSLC) 5:00 -
Boston Logan International Airport TERMINAL B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
B1 Air Canada Airbus A321 Toronto (CYYZ) 1:30 -
B3 American Airlines Airbus A321 Charlotte (KCLT) 2:10 -
B4 American Airlines CRJ-700 New York (KLGA) 0:45 @sam.dus
B8 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Dallas (KDFW) 3:45 -
B12 American Airlines Airbus A320 Chicago (KORD) 2:00 -
B13 American Airlines Airbus A320 Phildadelphia (KPHL) 1:15 -
B16 American Airlines Airbus A321 Washington (KDCA) 1:45 @Pilot_Felix
B18 United Boeing 737-900 San Francisco (KSFO) 6:10 -
B20 United Airbus A320 Washington (KIAD) 1:50 -
B23 United Boeing 737-700 New York (KEWR) 0:50 -
B25 United Boeing 737-800 Houston (KIAH) 3:30 -
B27 United Airbus A320 Denver (KDEN) 4:15 -
B30 United Express CRJ-700 Chicago (KORD) 2:00 -
B32 Spirit Airbus A321 San Juan (TJSJ) 3:45 -
B34 Spirit Airbus A320 Orlando (KMCO) 3:00 -
B36 Spirit Airbus A321 Myrtle Beach 2:30 -
Boston Logan International Airport TERMINAL C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
C8 Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 San Francisco (KSFO) 6:15 -
C10 Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 Seattle (KSEA) 6:30 -
C12 JetBlue Airbus A320 Pittsburgh (KPIT) 1:15 -
C15 JetBlue Airbus A320 Fort Myers (KRSW) 3:00 -
C16 JetBlue Embraer 190 New York (KJFK) 0:45 -
C18 JetBlue Embraer 190 New York (KJFK) 0:45 -
C20 JetBlue Airbus A321 Santo Domingo (MDSD) 4:00 -
C21A JetBlue Airbus A320 Palm Beach (KPBI) 3:00 -
C25 JetBlue Airbus A321 Las Vegas (KLAS) 5:15 -
C26 JetBlue Airbus A321 Santiago de los Caballeros (MDST) 5:00 -
C28 JetBlue Airbus A320 New Orleans (KMSY) 2:45 -
C30 JetBlue Airbus A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 3:00 @Pingu
C31 Frontier Airbus A321 Fort Myers (KRSW) 3:00 @WheelerAviation
C34 JetBlue Airbus A321 Bermuda (TXKF) 2:20 -
C40 JetBlue Embraer 190 Charleston (KCHS) 2:15 -
C42 Sun Country Airlines Boeing 737-700 (Generic) Minneapolis (KMSP) 3:15 -
Boston Logan International Airport TERMINAL E (International)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Attendee
E1 Copa Airlines B737-800 Panama City (MPTO) 4:45 -
E2 Icelandair Boeing 757 Keflavik (BIKF) 4:20 -
E3 United (Retro) Boeing 777-200ER Honolulu (PHNL) 10:25 @Stellar_G
E4 Air France Boeing 777-200ER Paris (LFPG) 6:45 @Bryan
E5 Iberia Airbus A350-900 Madrid (LEMD) 7:15
E6 Emirates Airbus A380 Dubai (OMDB) 13:30 -
E7 Alitalia B777-200ER Rome (LIRF) 8:00 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
E8 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 London Heathrow (EGLL) 6:15 -
E9 Cathay Pacific A350-900 Hong Kong (VHHH) 15:30 -
E10 Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 Frankfurt (EDDF) 7:15 -
E11 JAL Boeing 787-9 Tokyo (RJAA) 14:00 -
E12 British Airways B777-300ER London Heathrow (EGLL) 6:35 @Rhys_V


    I am not responsible for any violations received during the event.
  • Please respect Unicom / IFATC (If applicable)
  • Please adhere to real-life KBOS and KBDL procedures
  • Don’t be that guy abide by Expert Server Rules
  • A PM will be made to discuss Runways in Use / Procedures a couple of days prior
  • Pushback order will be determined by me the day of the event
  • I advise using SIDS from BDL and BOS!

A Guide I created for KBDL- Check it out!-

Thanks You and Happy Flying!!

IFATC Rhys V (@Rhys_V)

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Can I get gate E4 to Paris please

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Of course! Thanks for signing up!

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Hello! Is it possible to have:

But with a UA 777-223ER Retro? They originally wanted to launch it, but Hawaiian took the spot

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Can I get gate A9 @KBDL

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yep of course, didn’t know about that!

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@Delta_Dave and @Stellar_G you have both been signed up! See you there!

I’ll take this gate for now please! Not sure if I can come to the event!

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and @MJP_27 you are signed up! Hopefully I can see you there!

I’ll take C30 to Fort Lauderdale.

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You’re signed up! Hope to see you there :)

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I’ll do a Southwest 737-800 out of BOS

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to which destination? (Nashville, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver)

*also just to let you know the hub will be KBDL so I’d recommend BDL instead of BOS, since I’m hoping to try to fill up BDL a little more

I was going to recreate the flight I did IRL. To MDW

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and you’re signed up! See you there!

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Alright thank you sir

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Just over two more weeks until the event! Make sure to sign up soon!

Still a week before the event! Sign-ups still available!

I’ll take this gate to Rome! Looks like a great event!

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@KindaTartySliceOfPie You’re signed up! See you there!

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