[Finished] 01AUG22 / 1200Z - Connect 3D airports @ RCKH to ZGSZ

Infinite Flight has started to add more 3D airports around the world. More Chinese airport editors are working to create high quality Chinese airports, Shenzhen Baoan and Kaohsiung International Airports are good examples, and we’ll be flying from Kaohsiung to Shenzhen to experience a high quality 3D airport!

  • Server:
    Expert Server
  • Time:
  • Route:
    RCKH —> ZGSZ (Kaohsiung to ShenZhen)
  • Aircraft / Livery:
    Free to chose!
    I recommend CA or CZ / A330


Use Airtable to sign up. Link’s below.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.


Reply this thread with the gate you want , and your callsign

B747 and A380
Gate Pilot
Cargo 35 @Piggywu
Remote Apron 522 @AviatorJerry
Remote Apron 523 @JimmyXu
Gate C30 @CES9943
A320&B737 and below
Gate Pilot
Gate H17 @NoahWong
Gate H16 @Yang-le-duo
Gate H15 @BlueSky
Gate H14 @StevenFlightZBAA
Gate Pilot
Remote Apron 516 @Simon_Guo1
Remote Apron 515 @PSTweeee
Remote Apron 514 @zcy
Remote Apron 513 @AirChina8888C
Remote Apron 512 @flightspace
Remote Apron 511 @Phoebe_Yang

Operated by SimonG
Special thanks to the ATC controller @black




thanks for coming

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I‘m fly A320.Callsing China Southern 432VG

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Welcome abord!

10 Pilots!

Hey guys!


Cruising altitude should be unified at FL320,
Cruising speed should be unified at 0.80 M.

COPY Flight Plan from me! Please!

This event has ATC, please follow their instructions and if you recieve a violation, it has nothing to do with the organizers of the event!

Im gonna fly the CA330 callsign is UPS362VA

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Welcome! Nice to see you again!

yup, it was great seeing you hosting an event!

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Haha, see you soon!

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for sure, see ya!

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Enter your gate at 1145Z and copy fpl from me!


Copy again!


yup, i got it copied

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Trip started!

We will arrive Shenzhen 1 hour later.

So, who need some blankets? and some Pineapple juice?

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@Simon_Guo1 Thanks for this amazing event!

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thanks for your attending, see you next time!


definitely had fun!

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Haha, flying with entire fleet of 14 planes!

The thread will close soon. It’s nice to fly with you guys! Hope to see you in next event!

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