Finish the A350-900

Add the liverys Fiji Airways, Air China, Sichuan, Starlux and fix the Aeroflot livery :D

Such a beautiful aircraft receiving very little attention. It’s very obvious that it was rushed through and honestly there is no reason for it to be so. The reluctance to even take on the project after much clamor and the bit part result…I know the developers can do a whole lot better. Fingers crossed for it to be as great as the 777 when it’s eventually finished

Regarding the smaller cockpit, I think there is the problem of misleading examples…

With that comparaison I could argue that the nose is actually thinner than the real thing!!

Screenshots can’t tell the full story but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the real life shot used a lens capable of 400/500mm to get that zoom on the A350

My turn doing comparaison :


Was hard to reproduce but you can see the model is as close as could get. We can’t reproduce the field of view of a camera in IF.

All we can do is trust the devs they’ve done the best with the data more or less publicly available.


Just gonna point that out once again as already stated above and in the title: this is not an A35K thread! Please thoroughly read the thread before posting. Thank you! :)

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Definitely voted for this! It would be hands down my favourite aircraft in the sim otherwise if it’s brought up to the standards of the B777/B757