Finish the A350-900

Finish the A350-900

Hey everyone,
I’d like to request to finish the A350. As everyone knows, there is no cabin, rather a dark void at the moment. Same thing applies to the cockpit. Here the PFD on the first officer’s side should be mirrored. Another thing are animated doors like we have on all newly reworked planes released before and after the A350.

So, what exactly am I are we asking for:

  • Animated Cabin
  • Operational Doors
  • Mirrored PFD on First Officer’s Side
  • Possibly new Engine Sounds
  • Responsive Ailerons (both deflecting upwards when spoilers are extended)
  • Possibly a smaller Cockpit (another request by @s1b2p5)
  • The upgraded Winglet (also a request by @s1b2p5)

You might ask why, the answer is simple: I really don’t like it when something is “half baked” (though "half baked is wrong her tbh, lets say “nine thenths baked”).
I’m very curios how many here share my opinion!

New engine sounds !


Good one! I’ll add this :)


I am out of votes but I definitely support this! :)


It’s required.

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One interesting thing would just be displaying the HUD minimap on the OIS.

I haven’t flown the A350 in awhile, so I’m not sure if this is currently implemented, But seeing VNAV altitudes depicted on the Vertical Display would also be a great addition (if it doesn’t already exist)

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The PFD currently basically displays the V/S ARC also shown on the map (I’m assuming thats using the same data). Of course, more actively displayed flight data in the cockpit is always great! If the devs touch the A350 again, we might be lucky and get such a little upgrade. My main goal here in this thread is to get the A350 to a similar level like the B777/B757/CRJ Family. :)

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Voted! This is a great idea! We definitely need some new engine sounds on the A350.

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New engine sounds would make it so much better ngl

Another thing to mention is that some A350s are now being fitted with new larger winglets.


Sure thing! I remember that there has been some discussion under the A350 thread back then…
I‘m assuming that this shouldn’t be that hard to implement since various planes have different wing tips (A320 Fam, B737 Fam, 752 etc.).

Yes it would be a nice compliment to the completed Boeing 777 series to have both the A350-900 and A350-1000 completed fully. Not bothered about engine sounds tbh.
Would be strange if the A330 series come out before both the A350s are finished.
Let’s see what happens - I’m sure the devs are aware of the inconsistency.

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A topic about finishing the A350 yet no one has mention this 🤔

Imo this is by far the most important thing to fix…

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I know that this is the elephant in the room. From my (very little) experience and knowledge about 3D-modeling, this would require a new build from the ground up, including the most time consuming part (cockpit from the inside).

This thread aims to fix things not requiring a full rebuild.
My „fear“ is that the A350 remains untouched for a long time to come, as 2020 brought no cabin nor anything else regarding the A350.
Considering that this plane was BY FAR the #1 topic on this forum for years, I think it would be very nice to have it’s current build finished at least.

Just to make that clear: as the title suggests, this feature only requests the A350-900! I don’t know if A350-1000 requests are allowed again.

I don’t know if we can make this assumption- do you remember the issue with the 777 cockpit? They created the model and the community noticed that the cockpit was too big while they were teasing it. They went back and corrected it without resetting whole release timeline. Hopefully something similar can be done for the A350 but for some reason no one seems interested. That’s shocking to me given 1. how popular it is and 2. how far off the cockpit is…

That actually surprised me, too! I always secretly hoped for that „one more thing in 20.1“ to be the A350 cabin/update since they were teasing with the new livery and so many A350 cockpit shots were published. Don’t get me wrong, I really like that they created the A350 for us, but after some extensive testing I was quite disappointed keeping in mind for how long this plane was requested and how passionate the whole community was/is about it.

I did a little search and there hasn’t been a single topic/feature request, but I think that the amount of votes this topic got in the last couple of minutes speaks for itself (same goes for the -1000 feature request).


And of course, who doesn’t want a cabin?

I would like them to fix all those screens in the cockpit that don’t show anything

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They also need to add the 1000 as Qatar flies them to my home airport of DFW