[FINISH] 11OCT20 / 0830Z - IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone - First Event " Island Jump " - @ FMEE - FIMP

About Saint-Denis Airport


The airport is located in the north of Reunion Island, on the communal territory of Sainte-Marie, in an area that was recently named in honor of politician Pierre Lagourgue.

The airport was originally named “Gillot” after Gillot l’Étang, then President of the Court of Appeal of Saint-Denis, who was the owner of the land. He sold it in the late 1920s to the Crédit Foncier Colonial, shortly before the very first plane landed in Reunion Island on November 26, 1929.

Aircraft : Boeing 787-8


Island Jump means the fact that we only do a small jump from island to island; in this case it's FMEE - FIMP - FMEE because we do the outbound flight and the return flight, these two islands are beautiful and deserve to be our first destination for our first event.

    Outbound Flight Information

Aircraft & Livrey: Boeing 787-8 Air Austral
Departure Airport : Saint-Denis (RUN)
Arrival Airport : Port-Louis (MRU)

    Return Flight Information

Aircraft & Livrey: Boeing 787-8 Air Austral
Departure Airport : Port-Louis (MRU)
Arrival Airport : Saint-Denis (RUN)

|Gate 02| @Baba|
|Gate 03| @Swiss56yt
|Gate 04| @Liam06
|Gate 05| @Hugo.fr
|Gate 06| @iZaK
|Gate 07|
|Gate 08|
|Remote 16A|
|Remote 17|
|Tie-Down 14|
|Tie-Down 15|

|Gate 07| @Baba|
|Gate 08| @Hugo.fr
|Gate 09| @iZaK
|Gate 10|
|Gate 11|
|Gate 12|
|Gate 13|
|Gate 14|
|Gate 15|
|Gate 16|

If you would like to book a gate ; let us know in the comment

Thanks in advance to all person who attend at this event

Please Spawn 10 minutes before the start

This thread was made by : @Baba


I’d Love to fly outbound from Saint-Denis. I don’t mind what gate I am assigned. My name on Infinite flight is IFC Liam06.


You go have the Gate 05


gate 03 for me please. Attention on IF, my name is Swiss 1 super

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Hey all ,

I have to move tomorrow’s event to next Week-End because tomorrow I’m not available, I’m sorry for that.

See you next Week.

Baptiste D. CEO & Founder of IFFR - Infinite Flight Francophone


This will be next weekend at what time?

As said in the title, 11OCT20 / 0830Z. This is the same time as it was, just 1 week later. I think. I haven’t gone through the time converter @IFFR_Virtual you may want to change the time under the event information. That still states October 4.

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