"Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom


I prefer to give them everything and then let them implement-if we miss something, we may not get something lol.



Hey, I also meant to ask you what did you mean when you said “Perhaps this would be something to fold into when CTR returns”? Are you talking about control centers?


Yes, rumor had it in a few other feature requests that CTR control would be back at some point


Thanks for confirming. I’m excited to hear they might be coming back soon.


Looks like I can still edit in some ideas. Any thoughts on type specific messages?

i.e. "could Tankers announce that they are “accepting or declining refueling requests at the time”


I agree with this because there are times where me and other international are flying over the atlantic or pacific and you might be flying different speeds or altitudes based on their aircraft and want to adjust without getting in their way. I would love this use as a pilot particularly on long hauls.


Thanks. I like your idea, another way we could put this feature/tool to good use. I wasn’t thinking about conflict resolutions for busy air spaces that are uncontrolled.

It reminds me of IRL with GA practice air spaces that have a specific frequency to announce your intentions while in the specified area. Combining this with the potential return of IF CTR control and the possibilities are beginning to sound really interesting.


This is a very splended idea i like it alot this would help with gaf or if some one is to close to you or like you said group flights and to tell others of your flight statics or plans cool you have my vote more realism


Thanks, just trying to really think about how to make it work. Yeah I would love to see how people utilize the feature and the level of coordination we could achieve on our GAF flights.


Thanks everyone for the great input on the feature request. I would still like to hear from some other VA’s, GA and even casual pilots on IF. I would like the feature to be accessible for all of us. If you can invite anyone you know that would be interested or just leave a post I would appreciate it. : )


Yep. Or we can do something even BETTER! Type it!


That’s why I voted for this feature request, this is my favorite solution, typing is not. It’s realistic and practical in the way it is described. In any scenario hitting a button to talk is much easier then typing out a full sentence.


As he said, some people have an accent so they won’t be able to say it correctly. We would have a list of languages that you can type in. Then we translate it.


Ik for a fact that isnt likely to happen


But then their is that risk of unprofessional language so I dont really see that happening unless IF dev if they were to do something like this are ok with freely speaking so to say or maybe they could put in a censor


As I said there will be a appropriate language restriction. When you type in inaporpiate language, it will filter it out. This is seen on Roblox. A game my brother plays.


In my personal experience on a flight sim with typing allowed it seems like the conversation are never about the flight in progress or people have ended up yelling at each other. However I’m def not saying anyone in this conversation would do that. it just seems like when you give the general public freedom like that, you tend to have just a few that ruin it for the many. Case in point, I’m still missing our ability to do custom call signs that Unicom would speak (I would use "Viper001). A few abused it and IF took the ability away.

In that regard I was hoping to purpose a feature that is an extension of the system we already have. I don’t think the IF would realistically consider a whole new communication system (maybe). The Unicom system that we do have though has allowed us a way to effectively communicate, but also allow IF a way to avoid off topic conversation and those would would abuse a text feature. I would think that’s hard to accomplish as a developer.


Got my vote! You have come up with such a perfect way to do this idea that we’ve all seen multiple times in requests like in-game chats etc. Not only that, but it is also fairly easy to implement. The only challenge is getting the frequency available in all parts of the world but with limited range, as normally frequencies (including airport unicoms) are implemented through airport editing. But if the developers can get past that, it’s pretty simple as they’ve basically already created it through ATC frequencies.


You’ve got my vote! Great work! :)


Thanks. Yeah I would be very curious on how the developers would get this to work. I wish I knew more about the programming side.

I’m not sure how it works, but we also know that on the map there is a detection systems for conflicting aircraft in flight (conflicting aircraft change from orange to red). It appears that IF is already tracking some complex flight data to provide pilots that information.